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  1. Luis
    Luis Published |

    Well written and easy to understand, thank you! This is great for newcomers like myself

    1. Michael
      Michael Published |

      I agree

  2. Piet
    Piet Published |

    Great tutorial for a plugin that I have been using since it first came out, thanks Justin!

    One thing though that I am a bit disappointed about is that from someone like you I would have expected your code to be internationalised…

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  4. David
    David Published |

    hi justin.
    i wonder how did you handle subscription in theme hybrid?
    so, the user will change role if subscribtion end?
    is it a feature of gravity form?


    1. Howard Walter
      Howard Walter Published |

      well indeed if you want to export the data for wordpress how can you do it and also if you work on back-end development then how can u live you on server side?

  5. Joe
    Joe Published |


    I am new to WordPress and am hoping build up my experience.

    I need to do something similar to this but I want to limit portions of my Posts/Pages by Role. I would then like to return a block of html (probably with an image to sign-up) instead of the taking up the whole page.

    How can I do this?

    Can the functions be in a file that is not tied to the theme?

    Thanks Justin

  6. Ali Kholi
    Ali Kholi Published |

    I know other why to do that and it’s using groups plugin and you have the option to open a premium groupe so only the users who have a paid membership in your site can see a content you selected to them only

    but thanks justin you are always coming up with the new things

  7. Anthony
    Anthony Published |

    It would be awesome if this plugin was able to specific content on a given page/post that’s only viewable to the member.

    Like for ex.
    The surrounded short code would be the following below

    Here’s my latest Art tutorial:
    [jt_membership]My new art drawing tutorial:[/jt_membership]

    Displayed on front end for non member (below)

    Here’s my latest Art tutorial:
    sorry you must be a member to see this page (member text will link would point to a signup/payment gateway page)

    This plugin would rock if it was able to do that instead of hiding an entire post or page.

    It’s still useful otherwise.

  8. Steven Holzner
    Steven Holzner Published |


    Awesome plugin..I really need it to create wordpress membership site like forum..Members can asked question/Theard and others will be able to answer post,Don’t won’t pay for membership..I will try your plugin

    Thanks lot of

  9. AKHIL
    AKHIL Published |

    Thank you, I was looking for this.

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  11. Tom Harrington
    Tom Harrington Published |

    The feature most organizations want is for a member contact page to be visible to visitors to the site. Do you know of any WP plugins that does this other than a subscription site like Wild Apricot?

  12. David Peck
    David Peck Published |

    Ever thought about Recurly, Chargify or Spreedly? They manage membership fantastically, for a price…

  13. Steve
    Steve Published |

    Congrats on your new plugin, more than 133K downloads already with 4.6 stars out of 5… impressive. At the moment I’m not really planning to set up a membership site, but I was always curious if there is an relatively easy way to do it, and now it seems there is.

  14. Robert Andrews
    Robert Andrews Published |

    Could I just ask you about the differences between doing this and BuddyPress.

  15. Amy
    Amy Published |

    Hi Justin!

    Thanks for the helpful and interesting tutorial. I really appreciate it; it’s so generous of you to share this info with us. You make it sound so easy. I’ve been considering starting a membership site to share some of my craft patterns, and your post has me feeling really excited and energized at the possibilities.

    I’m actually here with a question about the Unique theme. It looks like such a nice theme, and I’m considering a purchase. I’m wondering if the slideshow items can be linked to pages within the same Wordpress site, or even URLs elsewhere on the Internet. Or is it limited to only linking to posts within the blog? It’s hard for me to tell from the demo.

    Either way, congrats on the theme. It looks great!

    Also, thanks for the Grid Columns plugin. I’ll be messing around with that one shortly and I’m really excited to have found it. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making it available. I really appreciate all you do for the Wordpress community.


  16. Seth Etter
    Seth Etter Published |

    Thanks a ton for this and the members plugin. Very helpful.

  17. Data Recovery
    Data Recovery Published |

    Good Luck budy.

  18. Rasmus
    Rasmus Published |

    Thanks for the tip

  19. Radiestezie
    Radiestezie Published |

    Amazing tutorial and very usefull for me. Thanks!

  20. SelebNews
    SelebNews Published |

    Whaw, thats cool justin. I think i will make some sites and i love your way to make a membership page. Thanks..

  21. jody nesbitt
    jody nesbitt Published |

    Just came across this. How difficult would it be to amend it with a rule like this

    user A logs in, can see all pages on site, and one specific post/page/gallery that is associated with his login.

    user B, see’s everything else that A see, apart from page “A” and so on



  22. bokij
    bokij Published |

    just install wordpress put the plugin for member nothing easyer.

  23. Metin
    Metin Published |

    Great work mate, I will need that membership system for the new blog I am starting. Those roles will help me greatly, bookmarked the post and gonna give it a good read later, thanks a lot.

  24. hitechcobra
    hitechcobra Published |

    I’ve been searching for days. Is this what I need to have a client login?

    Here’s what I’m trying to do:

    1. Have some pages accessible to everyone.

    2. Have a login/registration for clients to see pricing and other restricted pages.

    3. A registration page with required fields with an approval option before granting access.

  25. Simon
    Simon Published |

    Wowo thanks, I’ve been thinking about turning a part of my blog into a members-only-area, I’ll try your plugin as soon as I’ve got time.

  26. Johnny Walker
    Johnny Walker Published |

    Thanks for the tip !

  27. Dave Clements
    Dave Clements Published |

    I had previously been working with God-awful solutions like Amember and Digital Access Pass which are ugly and not WordPress-standardized. I was so happy when Pippin Williamson released Restrict Content Pro – it’s an excellent hands-off approach to it, though having read this article, you’ve made it quite apparent just how easy it can be to do it yourself manually.

    1. Julian
      Julian Published |

      I am also a big fan of Pippin’s Restrict Content Pro plugin and EDD. I have used it for long time on SlideModel.com to support subscriptions and it worked very well so far.

      The only drawback I found (of course this is not Pippin’s fault) is the limited gateways or payment methods that are supported outside US. Stripe and other gateways are supported, but for non-US businesses only PayPal integration seems to work.

  28. Jan
    Jan Published |

    This sounds quite easy to implement, lets see if I can manage it 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  29. kay
    kay Published |

    great tutorial, as always

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  31. sonia
    sonia Published |

    thank for this tutorial . i try it.

  32. Toby Cryns
    Toby Cryns Published |

    Wonderful tutorial, Justin! Thanks for sharing! It’s good to see alternatives to the bloated membership plugins.

    FWIW, Gravity Forms offers recurring payments and subscriptions: http://www.gravityforms.com/add-ons/paypal/

  33. Jackson
    Jackson Published |

    Congratulations on a wonderful article, and the simplicity that you explained it all!

  34. Antonio Vercelli
    Antonio Vercelli Published |

    I can`t find out how to install this plugin on my blog. Does it work with the older versions of WP?

  35. jithu varghese
    jithu varghese Published |

    Thanks For the codes

  36. a_hego
    a_hego Published |

    Great work I wish you good success

  37. daniel smith
    daniel smith Published |

    thanks for providing the Code . Great Job………….

  38. James Levine
    James Levine Published |

    Thanks for the excellent information! Looking to use Gravity Forms and appreciate your insight.

  39. koran mini
    koran mini Published |

    thanks for info .. i will try it .:)

  40. bingo giochi
    bingo giochi Published |

    Thanks for the info and code.. 🙂

  41. Nikki
    Nikki Published |

    Thanks for the code, and also the plugin, Justin. I have been hesitating to get membership working on a client’s site, as I don’t ‘know’ enough about it. Now, having reading your tutorial and seen your plugin I’m feeling confident that this is the solution that I need to explore and test.

    Thanks, you’ll see me as a member soon.

  42. richard parker
    richard parker Published |

    thanks for it one question will it work smoothly with older version or i have to look out for some other options

  43. Haitham
    Haitham Published |

    Thanks, this is a wonderful plugin and functionality, thank you so much for your generosity. I have it working great based on your documentation, but there is one functionality that I would like to know how to do:

    when users are logged in, they see the default “complete” list of posts. Is it possible to only show posts to which the user is a member of/ allowed access to instead of the full posts list?

    Thanks again! 🙂

  44. Nagib
    Nagib Published |

    Wonderful I didn’t know having to limited certain users from viewing some parts of content while the administrator can view them all, can be done so simple, this is very useful for a newbie like me. Thanks for the guide Justin.

  45. Tomislav
    Tomislav Published |

    Thank you for your template!

    As I am realy beginner, I dont understand where you put this part of code:

    add_filter( 'template_include', 'th3_club_member_template', 99 );
    function th3_club_member_template( $template ) {
    	if ( is_singular( array( 'tutorial', 'doc_theme' ) ) && !current_user_can( 'view_club_content' ) )
    		$template = locate_template( array( 'club-content-no.php' ) );
    	return $template;
    1. Mark
      Mark Published |

      This should go in the theme’s functions.php file.

  46. Mike Speer
    Mike Speer Published |

    Hi Justin.
    Thank you so much for the plugin. I love it.

    I would appreciate some of your valuable time to answer this… where and what code do I add for a “Logout” button?
    I’m OK with php. I can find my way around most code, and have searched the heck out of your site and the code but for the life of me I can’t find how to do it.
    I have added the “Login Form” widget to a Sidebar. Would love to add a logout button to the same.


  47. Nima Heydarian
    Nima Heydarian Published |

    Thanks for the post.
    How would users cancel their subscription in your model?

  48. zavera
    zavera Published |

    You have covered it great with this plugin, really clear short and easily grabbed tutorial, perfect to see administrator rights with viewing some parts of the content and hiding from audience!

  49. Brian James
    Brian James Published |

    Great article. ! Newbie question.. I’ve never been a big fan of paypal.. are their any other payment solutions you would recommend?

  50. iTechbook
    iTechbook Published |

    What is difference between membership site and fourm ?

  51. jeremygg
    jeremygg Published |

    Cool. This is exactly the plugin that I need.

  52. Michael
    Michael Published |

    Good tutorial, Justin! Thanks. I saw an interesting solution recently – private sale script from Plumrocket. A number of magento extensions and magento private sales theme, -I think it is worth seeing.

  53. Marchell
    Marchell Published |


    I am getting a social media site designed. I want people to join to post stories and comments. Will using WP and its pluggins cause problems with the site when there is a new version o releasedf WP? I have been told it us better for me to use PHP, what is your opinion?

  54. Xav
    Xav Published |

    Hi Justin,

    I’m playing with your fantastic plugin to build a client area in my site. Is it possible to use Members to limit logged in users to a specific page only (built off a custom post type)?

    So if Joe Bloggs logs in, he can only access http://www.domain.co.uk/clients/joe-bloggs

    Ideally I don’t want to install another plugin for this…

  55. Loes
    Loes Published |

    This looks like a simple way, will try this weekend to install it!

  56. Christian Kirsch
    Christian Kirsch Published |

    Great tutorial – thank you very much! And also thank you very much for providing the members plugin!

    With your tutorial and the members plugin I was able to setup a Wordpress blog that only my family and close friends can read. However pictures and videos from the media gallery do not seem to work with the “Content Permissions” widget. So if you know the URL to a specific video or picture you can access it without being in a specific group.

    How are you protecting your media library items? I assume some of your items are valuable as well – e.g. video tutorials, screen shots or some architecture diagrams.

    1. Brett
      Brett Published |

      I too would like to know how to secure individual media files, as the Content Permission box shows for media items, but it doesn’t remember the role you select after saving.

      1. Dave Tasker
        Dave Tasker Published |

        @Brett – A.Balmer has posted some code that corrects this – but – it only protects the attachment page – it doesn’t prevent direct downloads from the file link.

      2. Justin
        Justin Published |

        justinticktock – Have you looked at download-monitor by mikejolley http://wordpress.org/plugins/download-monitor/?

        Justin put me onto download monitor as he was protecting downloads with it. Since then mike has completely rewritten the plugin.

  57. Mark
    Mark Published |

    1)When creating a members site is the customer ultimately creating a wordpress account or a local account for your site?

    2) Can you access your customers info or send emails – info to them?

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  59. Arsie Organo
    Arsie Organo Published |

    The article above gives me an idea now on how I can manage my Wordpress with multiple authors and editors. Thank you for sharing this.

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  61. Jay Vandenberg
    Jay Vandenberg Published |

    Check the first 100% Wordpress Theme dedicated to building a membership site at: http://www.membershipsitetheme.com (Free)

  62. James
    James Published |

    Hey Justin,

    This is great! There are so many membership site plugins out there and all of them are way over done. Too complicated and too clunky for my liking. Thanks for this awesome tutorial and for creating “Members”.

    One question I have though is how would you easily handle outgoing affiliate commissions for people you might partner with to promote your site?


  63. martin
    martin Published |

    thanks for that post, it comes pretty close to what I want do, as next I have to analyze the details, too see if I can make it really work

  64. Starkey Roberson
    Starkey Roberson Published |

    This is my first time creating such a site and I need help. I want to know if anyone knows of any companies that would specialize in this type of thing or where I can find WordPress. Is it a service that I pay for or is it free? Please don’t laugh at me. I’m at the very beginning stages of creating me dream. Could anyone help me?

  65. tc
    tc Published |

    Hello Justin, I love the work you have done.

    However, I followed all the instructions, and it seems there’s no member’s login area for my website, can you give me some help with this please?

  66. Mark Hallam
    Mark Hallam Published |

    If you are using an outside website to take registration and payments for a course, how can you best setup login and registration so that it works with the registration system?

    Would it be best to send out an automated email with the course page login url and page password (the same password for everyone)? or is there a way that I can make each user get a unique login and still send it out automated?

    Hope this is clear?

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  68. Pam
    Pam Published |

    Hey Justin,

    After searching around I found this solution of your membership plugin and Gravity Forms (along with GravityView) for my directory site. I’ve got my GF form creating the directory listings entries using GV and also creating a user with the role of VOB. I want the VOB users to be able to edit their own GV entry, but I can’t figure out which permission(s) to grant. I’ve checked every one that makes sense and also created a few new ones. Can you give me some direction? Thanks!

  69. Remjii
    Remjii Published |

    What changes would need to be made to restrict pages/posts with specific tags from being edited by a certain role?

    I don’t want to restrict general users from seeing the content, I just want to be able to prevent specific roles from editing content that they shouldn’t but isn’t necessarily in a custom post type either.

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  71. Sam
    Sam Published |

    I am converting my own slide templates shop https://slidehelper.com to a membership model. After testing multiple membership plugins, I think Members to be one of the easiest and most streamlined membership plugins to set up.

    I wanted to thank you for your code snippet which helped me to hide member content using a page template. Now both plugins (EDD and Members) are working in perfect harmony. My strategy was to assign the custom page template to all template (product) pages. Almost ready to launch 🙂

    Thanks again!

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