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  1. Geert De Deckere
    Geert De Deckere Published |

    Good luck with going vegan. You should check out eatawesome.ca. That guy happens to be a WordPress developer too.

    Instead of running did you ever try road cycling? It’s a totally different feeling. The fun really starts in the mountains. Climbing those legendary Tour de France cols, for example, will give you a big thrill. I can guarantee you that.

    Thanks for putting the Hybrid code on Github. I may have a look at that since I always love your clean code. Of course, I’d definitely be interested in your e-book too.

    Happy new year!

  2. Richard Vencu
    Richard Vencu Published |

    Hi Justin

    I learned a lot from your work during my initiation in WordPress development. You are doing great there, your are also doing great in time management and personal development I suppose.

    For the high blood pressure thing I know a one shot solution and I am afraid the root cause for it is not a simple health issue. If you like you can join me when I visit my Chinese master in China or I can just put you in contact with an American guy from Alabama currently living in China who is student in the same school as I.

    This master can handle your health issue and is able to put you back on the right track. You can check the website I submited with this form then let me know if you are interested to pursue this direction



  3. John Saddington
    John Saddington Published |

    moving back to korea would be awesome. my family hopes to spend some more time there in the coming year or so as well.

    where did you live specifically?

  4. Pete Schuster
    Pete Schuster Published |

    I tried the veganism thing too, but working at an office full time with limited food choices made it really though. My diet is about 99% pescetarian already, but cutting out more dairy is my goal for the coming year.

    Good luck with all your goals this year!

  5. kristarella
    kristarella Published |

    Your goals are very similar to mine! Fitness, health, ebook… Although I haven’t quite thought through mine enough yet to know where I’m taking action. Fitness is a big one though and I’ve been working on that for a couple of months already. I too don’t want to be dependent on medication, but I also wanted to encourage you not to be disappointed if the diets don’t work; sometimes genetics is just genetics and we’re lucky to live in a day and age where medicine can help. That said, I hope your new diet does go well and you can get your BP down!

  6. Frank
    Frank Published |

    Happy New Year Justin and continued personal and professional success.

    On the moving front, consider Taiwan as a possible destination as well. Great people, easy to live a vegan lifestyle and the startup and wordpress scene is really starting to pick up traction.

  7. sin
    sin Published |

    Good luck with your plans Justin, wish you the best in New Year!
    Can you tell us more details about Wordpress eBook you’re planning? 🙂

  8. Leah Good
    Leah Good Published |

    (Site above is in development, so it’s not quite done yet.)

  9. Leah Good
    Leah Good Published |

    (Site above is in development because I don’t have a fabulous portfolio plugin yet!)

    Thank you for starting work on a portfolio plugin. The ones I have investigated out there just don’t seem to work well. and to make portfolios a “theme” doesn’t make sense to me at all. Portfolios of services, for instance, should typically be part of a larger website for a company (or, like me, a freelancer).

    A lot of e-learning designers and instructors are looking for this option, too. I’m currently in a workshop about professional learning portfolios (http://sociallearningcentre.co.uk/learning-portfolios/) and I’ve been spending a couple of weeks trying to figure out ways to display a portfolio of work and learning the way I want to. For instance, I want a subject area/learning goal (say, Learning More About WordPress Sites) that has four different components (“learn,” which tracks my courses and informal learning experiences in the area; “Do,” which shows the projects I’ve started and/or completed in the area; “Reflect,” where I’d more informally blog about those projects or my learning in that area; and “teach,” which I’d fill with other resources and maybe tutorials in that area).

    Thus I would answer “YES” for portfolios being hierarchical. Like you, many folks do a lot of different kinds of things for work or pleasure and would like the ability to show different aspects of those areas.

    May I suggest that one thing to add to your already weighty list (tee.hee) that I almost never see: a really cogent explanation (e-book?) of how to think about, plan, and execute a non-blog-like structure for a WordPress-based site. That would delve into the things that nonprogrammers like me tend to be a bit fuzzy on (e.g., the relationship between custom taxonomies and custom post types, and under what circumstances I might want to use them).

    Thanks again for all you do. I became a “member” of your site in 2011, and I’ll do that this year, too, because of said learning goal above. Cheers to your accomplishing all your life and work goals!

  10. David
    David Published |

    i think korea is awesome.
    last month i spent several days to watch korean variety show, running man and family outing. And oh boy, it’s addictive.

    from korean movie i learn several words in korean (i hope it’s the right words):

    for hybrid core 1.5:
    “hyung-nim, kamsa-hamida..”

    for theme hybrid:
    “theme hybrid, daebak!”

  11. Mary
    Mary Published |

    Wow! That’s much! I wish you good luck for all your goals. I have just one goal für 2013: stop smoking. Unfortunately it was my goal for 2012, too. Hope it’ll work now.

  12. Arnold
    Arnold Published |

    hi richard welcome to malaysia as part of your refreshments it really cool here, with so many tourism adventure, i hope you will consider it.

  13. Nick Meisher
    Nick Meisher Published |


    Love the start of your goals, the part about keeping things realistic and then the transition into vegan torture diets with no bacon and 6 minute miles with untreated high blood pressure. First of all, if you the type of person who thinks green tea can cure cancer and high blood pressure can be regulated with a vegan diet, you are practicing voodoo on yourself.

    High blood pressure can be caused by lots of different factors and there is more than one medicine to bring it down. Six years ago I had 150/115 as my normal blood pressure at 34, 6 foot, 220lbs. Today I am just as fat but my blood pressure is 130/78.. But I have to take a 1/2 pill every day of metroprolol.

    If you want a roadmap to good health, look at men in their 70s who are not complete messes of complaints and hospital stays. Ask them if they ever ran marathons or if they think a 6 minute mile is a good goal to have at your age. I live in Asia and every day at 4am every single man in the condo community from 40-100 start leisurely walking for at least 30 minutes and then gather and do thai chi or something like that for another 30 minutes. As the sun sets around 6pm they walk another half hour I guess. Sounds lame? Sure does to me. But at 80 some of them seem to have more energy than me sitting on my ass in front of the computer from dawn till dusk.

    Just my 5 cents. I posted here last 2 years ago. I’ll see how you doing in 2 more years.

    Good Luck!


    1. Nick Meisher
      Nick Meisher Published |

      Forgot to add, here is a link to a short sci-fi book http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roadside_Picnic . There are download links on the bottom since its not copyrighted. About the aftermath of a two day long alien visitation of earth, where the aliens failed to even notice the humans (just as humans fail to notice the insects during a brief stop for a picnic by the roadside). One of the best.


  14. BP: 126/79
    BP: 126/79 at |

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