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  1. Ryan Hellyer
    Ryan Hellyer Published |

    Subtle, but effective 😉

    1. John Saddington
      John Saddington Published |

      Probably the first of many to be given notice.

  2. Jim
    Jim Published |

    Much as I love Automattic and WordPress, that seems like a really shitty way to do business.

  3. Jared Ritchey
    Jared Ritchey Published |

    I seen this with Joomla a few years back, was one of the motivating factors in switching to WordPress for development.

    Its like Deja Vu, similar in many respects.

  4. James
    James Published |

    That’s unfortunate, but I sympathize with Automattic’s stance. Envato/Themeforest and their restrictive licensing needs to change.

  5. Hyder
    Hyder Published |

    What’s your stance on it Justin?

  6. Jose Quintero
    Jose Quintero Published |

    Justin don´t bother talking about the GPL…

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