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  1. Brian Krogsgard
    Brian Krogsgard Published |

    Congrats on both the plugin and theme Justin. Both are very nice.

    My only thing I’d recommend is to not make heavy use of word-wrap: break-word; I did for a long time, but it just wasn’t worth it to me. Stuff like this happens http://cl.ly/image/0x2Q1z3C0O0n where the readability is sacrificed by the wrap-ability.

    The only place I use it now is comments, because it’s the one place I can’t control the content. I also significantly shrink my titles on smaller devices now, so big words still fit properly.

    Anyway, nice work!

  2. Matt
    Matt Published |

    New theme looks great, no more “earthy” colors. 🙂

    1. Matt
      Matt Published |

      Oops, “now” should be “no”.

  3. Paul
    Paul Published |

    REally like the theme layout and typography. Nice work!
    Just a couple things: the contrast on the breadcrumb trail links is not good, difficult to read
    and this page looks wonky http://justintadlock.com/television, shouldn’t the list have a white background?

  4. Mark McWilliams
    Mark McWilliams Published |

    Well damn I’m liking the new design Justin, or what I should say, is the release in general of Chun and Custom Content Portfolio. If you don’t mind me saying, one of your nicer designs, not that the others aren’t!

    Few things I can see from the Chun demo that I like the look of, so I’ll be checking out your code to see if it’s how I think you’ve done things? 🙂 The beauty of GitHub and the “social coding” aspect!

    The layout you have for the way Post Formats are shown is the way I’d like to see WordPress 3.6 and Twenty Thirteen go. When you’re viewing a single aside for example, I do still like seeing a post title. I might just need to steal borrow what you’re doing for my redesign?

    Oh and did I mention I like the blue? 😀

  5. Grant Palin
    Grant Palin Published |

    Nice theme, very unobtrusive layout and colours. I’m continually collecting ideas and inspiration for my future theme replacement.

    A remark, the element I think is intended for primary navigation, so it may not be suitable for wrapping the breadcrumb.

    1. Grant Palin
      Grant Palin Published |

      Shoot, it stripped my markup. I’m referring to the <nav> element above.

  6. The “Alpha” Redesign
    The “Alpha” Redesign at |
  7. The “Alpha” Redesign
    The “Alpha” Redesign at |
  8. Joy M.
    Joy M. Published |

    I’m curious what plugin(s) you would recommend for a portfolio of PDF printables / free downloads. Your Custom Content Portfolio plugin looks great, but seems to be geared more towards website themes and images (am I right?). The best plugins I can find for displaying a portfolio of PDF downloads are (1) WP-DownloadManager (but I wish it was designed to handle image previews) and (2) WP-Filebase Download Manager plugin (the automatic PDF thumbnails is a great feature, as well as the way you can use insert tags for filelists or download urls into any blog post). But I can’t decide if I would be better off finding a plugin that utilizes custom post types. Thoughts?

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