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  1. Jacques
    Jacques Published |

    Great minds! I still do not understand why author-pages are so rudimentary: shouldn’t it be some profile/bio page? That you can tailor to your needs, with images (logos, mugshots), links, a contact form?
    WP wants to be(come) a CMS, but it only provides posts on an author-page – no pages (‘static content’). My site only has pages (so far), but the author-pages are pretty useless: I want all pages listed there – maybe with a date and some tags – or perhaps even grouped per category (as per the menu structure) – only to entice people to read further.
    I downloaded your ‘query posts’ a while ago… still need to tinker with it. Thanks for now!

  2. Surbma
    Surbma Published |

    Hi Justin,

    thank you for this useful article! I really needed a solution like this.

    However, I think you write a mistake about 301 and 302 redirects: 301 is the permanent redirect and 302 is the temporary.

  3. Mathew Porter
    Mathew Porter Published |

    Another possibility could be to use the author link as your G+ profile, now with the recent authorship updates and people using the auth meta tag.

    1. Tran Ngoc Tuan Anh
      Tran Ngoc Tuan Anh Published |

      Correct. That will help in displaying rich snippet in Google search results. But it also leads to 1 small problem: there’re will be a lot of outbound links pointing to Google+ and that might decrease website SEO score because author link doesn’t have rel="nofollow".

      BTW, thank Justin for great tip. I’ll try it on my blog.

  4. Jim
    Jim Published |

    I like the idea you’re working on here. It seems that you solutions assume that the blog is not using the default permalink setting in that you assume the about page is on mysite.com/about where mine, using the default setting is mysite.com/?page_id=22.

    I’ve been meaning to explore the idea of changing my permalink style, but I don’t want to break my site.

  5. Sarah
    Sarah Published |

    Thanks for saving me! You have no idea just how ugly it is to have the URL point to my author ID.

  6. Fernanda Saboia
    Fernanda Saboia Published |

    Hey. Thanks a lot for that. I’m using that first code to redirect my author links to my about page, and it works great. But how about if I’m using a multilanguage page? Basicaly I’d want my posts in portuguese to take me to the slug ‘info’ and my posts in english to take me to the slug ‘info-en’. How can I do that?


  7. Kevin Marsden
    Kevin Marsden at |
  8. Change the Author URL | Kevin Marsden
  9. robin
    robin Published |

    Hello, i am having a problem, i was posting with different author name but now i wanted google authorship verification so i had to change my author name same to googl plus page but their system is still not fetching my new author name that i changed from wordpress itself. Any suggestions? that which will work best for me. however it is showing new author name on my website.

  10. Bruno Fagundes
    Bruno Fagundes Published |

    Hey, excellent article, and it works great!

    But what about the link title? Hot to change the ‘Posts by Bruno Fagundes’ to ‘Bruno Fagundes Profile’ or something else?


  11. Change the Author URL | Kevin Marsden
    Change the Author URL | Kevin Marsden at |
  12. Hasan
    Hasan Published |

    Hi, God bless you Justin! 🙂

    Your tips works perfect on my site! I point default author link to Google profile! 😉

  13. ian
    ian Published |

    AWESOME! This was just what I was looking for.

    Thanks you so much for your help.

  14. Emil Kerekes
    Emil Kerekes Published |

    How about pointing my url to another link page instead of “about”???


    1. Nate
      Nate Published |

      Emil, just create a new page and paste that page’s slug into the code instead of “About”. Simple. Thanks so much for this code Jason!

  15. Bryan
    Bryan Published |

    My website is multi-author and I successfully used the code to change one of my author links. How do I use it to change each of my author links? Thanks!

  16. Denis
    Denis Published |

    Hi Justin,

    nice article. Is there a way to change the LINK name from “nice_name” to something elese?



  17. Zach
    Zach Published |

    I remember using this method a few years ago and it worked perfectly but I’m trying to use it now (2018) and it does not. I don’t know if it’s the specific theme I’m using as I can’t find my_author_link anywhere in the files. Totally lost here.

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