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  1. Mary
    Mary Published |

    heheheheh it`s wonderful chickens

  2. david
    david Published |

    they look healthy.

    are they the same chickens from http://justintadlock.com/archives/2012/05/10/cute-little-chicks ?

  3. Fun2oos
    Fun2oos Published |

    I think he was finding for your hens…ha ha ha

  4. David Radovanovic
    David Radovanovic Published |

    Chickens are the best. Little personalities. Keep a close eye on them, as fox like them a lot.

  5. Gilles
    Gilles Published |

    Make sure they stay away from your keyboard…

  6. Laurie
    Laurie Published |

    Justin, I’ve been reading your articles for years – I’ve learned so much from them, and am SO appreciative of everything you do for the WordPress community. I don’t think I’ve ever commented before, but now I just HAVE to speak up and say… this makes me like you even more. LOL. Enjoy your wonderful chickens!

  7. diane
    diane Published |

    A high tech coder on a down home farm? The best of both worlds! It appears you are well rounded 🙂

    Sweet home Alabama!

  8. javaoverland
    javaoverland Published |

    The chickens are so different with in Indonesia… these colours is amazing….

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