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  1. John Saddington
    John Saddington Published |

    look at that freakin’ melon.

  2. david
    david Published |

    wow… hundreds of movies and tv series, but no anime? not even a ghibli.

    just a recommendation, something to watch and read. maybe when you need something fresh:

    “Grave of the fireflies” (1988) by Studio Ghibli.
    my fav. it’s about world war 2 in japan. the story is in the level that disney/pixar could never touch.

    Other anime by Studio Ghibli:
    if you enjoy fantasy (chronicles of narnia, harry potter, LOTR, etc):
    – Nausicca (1984) : at some point final fantasy (the game) is inspired by it.
    – Princess Mononoke (1997): amazing artwork every frame is a painting.
    – Spirited away (2001): this one is very famous.
    – Howl’s Moving Castle (2004) : also very famous.

    this mangas are in different genre than popular manga like Naruto, One Piece, etc.

    “Kenji” (1988-1992), it’s kinda rare manga.
    it’s about kungfu in realistic way. i read somewhere that you are interested in kungfu? (maybe i was wrong) a travel to china main land, and the history of kungfu. mostly about bajiquan. most of the characters are real.
    the artwork is amazing, and i think the story based on real experience.

    “Shura No Mon” and “Shura No Toki” (1987 – 1996 / 1989 – 1995)
    both also rare. in Indonesia it’a publish with the title “Ashura” and “Samurai”.
    It’s also about kungfu but not really realistic. although it make sense.
    it’s about a legendary “undefeated” kungfu.

    “20th Century Boys” (1999-2006) + “21st Century Boys”
    it’s a thriller, about a how to conquer the earth. it’s really odd how it all could make sense in a way. A lot of movies and books about the antagonist that try to conquer mankind, but it never make sense. a creative and strong storyline.
    “Monster”, also by Urasawa Naoki also have amazing (but darker) storyline.

    “Cross Game” (2005-2010)
    it’s a teenage romantic comedy drama. i’m a fan of adachi mitsuru’s manga, most of them is in the same genre. it’s always about high school, sports (baseball, swimming, boxing, etc). and most of them even have the same type of character set. but this one is special.


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