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  1. Guindilla
    Guindilla Published |

    Cool! What’s the recipe?


    1. RGerhart
      RGerhart Published |

      Could use a recipe too, as I have lots of eggs right now, where I need to find a good use for. I have never had pickled eggs and they sound very interesting. I would use hard boiled eggs and put them into something similar to the brew used for cucumber.

  2. Jazmin
    Jazmin Published |

    Ever since I saw Homer Simpson chowing down on these, I’ve always wanted to try them. I’ve never seen them around, though — I must be hanging out at the wrong bars!

    Thanks for the recipe!

  3. Dad
    Dad Published |

    Looks Great!!! Think you and Shannon did a fabulous job. Try not to let him eat em’ all.

  4. Marco
    Marco Published |

    These look like German Soleier, they are very delicious. Eggs put in very salty water over night then eaten with vinegar and mustard.

  5. Andrew C.
    Andrew C. Published |

    Wow! I just don’t think I could eat one. I don’t care how many cocktails I’ve had. Pickled eggs just sounds so wrong.

  6. Mike
    Mike Published |

    I bet those were delicious !
    When i will have time i’ll try and do something simillar.
    Very nice blog btw.

  7. Luis Lopez Perez
    Luis Lopez Perez Published |

    Oh, Those eggs look good and you can make money with them πŸ™‚

  8. Mohamed
    Mohamed Published |

    Great recipe!! Weird but looks good, thank you πŸ™‚

  9. What to do with leftever hard-boiled eggs from Easter
  10. Tulisa
    Tulisa Published |

    That’s a great recipe, what I want to know is how long they last, for example if i pickle some eggs today how long would it take roughly before they expire?

  11. Gia Linh
    Gia Linh Published |

    It so good. But i don’t like egg. I like fruit πŸ™‚

  12. Fredo
    Fredo Published |

    Awesome! Thank you for the recipe.

  13. Alexander
    Alexander Published |

    Never been abled to find Stuff like that in Germany.. Would love to try some

  14. tom
    tom Published |

    It is safe to eat. Garlic contains both enzymes and sulfur compounds that can react in the presence of acid (in this case, the vinegar) to form small amounts of copper sulfate. But it is perfectly safe to eat.

  15. kuladi
    kuladi Published |

    Pickled food are tasty but beware of his bad affect, pickled food normally contain high concentrations of salt. It is major cause on high blood pressure. But..how can we exclude salt or pickled food in daily meal?huhu…

  16. James
    James Published |

    Thanks Justin I just made a batch last night going to wait 3 weeks before I try one.

    PENDIDIKAN Published |

    i think that is a smart way to make the egg safe.. i like your idea so great…

  18. Baturay Kaya
    Baturay Kaya Published |

    I’m interested in sports and bodybuilding. Eggs are excellent sources of protein and they are commonly used by athletes and bodybuilders. I wonder if we can use pickled eggs as a protein source since when we cook eggs most of the proteins get denaturated. And also, I can mention your post in my sports blog http://scoreshighlights.blogspot.com/ if you allow me to. Thanks buddy, great post! πŸ™‚

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  20. Pranjal
    Pranjal Published |

    In India we’ve a great trend of including Pickles in our meals. BTW, we’ve variety of pickles ranging from Mango, Lemon, Chillies, etc but, never even heard of Pickled eggs over here, would love to try them out. And yeah, thanks for sharing the recipe πŸ˜‰

  21. Goedkoop Reizen
    Goedkoop Reizen Published |

    Very interesting, I never heard of pickled eggs before! I will try it one day…

  22. Awik
    Awik Published |

    My dad had pickled eggs on the back-bar in his tavern back in 1948. They were great and I ate enough of them so he didn’t make much profit on ’em. He’d go through a gallon jar of pickled eggs about every two weeks.

  23. Crystal
    Crystal Published |

    Pickled eggs are fabulous, especially topped with jalapenos when you eat them, yum! Recipe looks great, gonna have to try them!

  24. Fran
    Fran Published |

    It’s hillarious to me that some folks never heard of pickled eggs. They’re delicious and around here are quite common. Found in all groceries, gas stations, bars, all convenience store and most people homes. It no weirder than a hard boiled egg.

  25. Stephen Evans
    Stephen Evans Published |

    I keep pickled eggs on my back bar all the time. I make a Guinness pickled egg with whole dried red chili peppers and whole garlic cloves. Use Guinness, white vinegar, salt and sugar. They taste great, get a nice brownish color and I have customers that come in to buy the pickles by the bag. My pub is in Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, China.

  26. Don’t Thrown Out Those Leftover Hard-Boiled Eggs! | Wendy Knows Westfield
  27. Kirk
    Kirk Published |

    I make pickled eggs often, I follow the Joe Jost recipe found online but don’t cut with water. They are great with a deli sandwich. I eat all my pickled eggs with pretzels and chili peppers. I keep them on the kitchen counter. If you ever get to Joe Jost in Long Beach Ca. have an egg, Joe special sandwich and a schooner of beer .

  28. Linda
    Linda Published |

    Do you use this brine for the pickled sausage?

  29. flow
    flow Published |

    why do you peel the eggs? does the vinegar not dissolve the shells anyway?

  30. derf
    derf Published |

    I like them because I like to fart and these will make the dog get down from your lap


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