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  1. ChefGaby
    ChefGaby Published |

    I like the guitar photo better. The mirror photo kind of transmits a douche attitude wile the other one transmits a more calm, slightly bohemian feeling.

    The text needs to be a bit bigger. It’s hard to read even on a larger print. I don’t particularly like condensed fonts so this is just a matter of personal preference, but the font does need to be just a bit larger.

    Something you could test and see how it looks is to separate the background and blur it just a bit. Just like it would have been made with the camera. Make it look natural by keeping track of the perspective on the ground(start with a small blur a bit behind the feet line and progress to more blur at the trees line in the background)
    This will bring focus on the guy with the guitar but at the same time it will keep the wonderful summer colors from the photo.
    The text will also be more legible on a blurred background.

  2. Amin Riadh
    Amin Riadh Published |

    hmm – it depends on the personality of the boy. To me, these two images describe a different type of person.

  3. David
    David Published |

    nice design Justin.
    i like the guitar-boy design. very cool.

    and it’s for digital printing right?
    if you are gonna print it using offset printing it’s going to be hard to print.

    even when using digital printing the blue color for the shirt wont be that good.

    and if you’re using photoshop don’t forget that printing need higher DPI, (pixel/inch). i think the standard is 300 pixel per inch (?)

  4. Porcelanato
    Porcelanato Published |

    Text needs to be bigger in the current desingn draft, also it is important to know exactly the kind of personality you want to convey, donĀ“t you think so?

    I especially like the images that have some viral element, they work very well.

  5. Craig Allen
    Craig Allen Published |

    For sure the current one wins over the original one in my opinion. Original one looks very amateur and kinda random-ish. The current one looks more positive and shows creative approach from a student. Besides it has more colors and overall it makes the recipient’s emotions more positive.


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