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  1. John Saddington
    John Saddington Published |

    i’m not sure why… but this is really cool to me that you’re into this.

    there’s something intimate about tilling the soil, growing your own crops.

  2. Geert De Deckere
    Geert De Deckere Published |

    Awesome! Seems like a large plot of land. It so happens I also just started a vegetable garden (8 × 5 m). Planted my onions and shallots yesterday. Also seeded radish and spring spinach. Looking forward to more updates about your garden. Have fun!

  3. Randy
    Randy Published |

    Agh! My wife is dying to get our garden going. Unfortunately, up here in northern Wisconsin, we still have 18″ of snow on the ground. Oh well. Last year our grape vines produced 30 gallons of wine so we are hoping for another good growing season of it ever gets here. There really is something about being more self-sustaining that is very satisfying. This year we are getting 5 chickens for sure.

  4. Mike
    Mike Published |

    Awesome Justin,

    I’ve gardened quite a bit and am constantly learning. Up here in the north (Spokane, WA) we have a very short growing season so I’ve moved from a 50′ x 50′ row planting to raised beds using large tractor tires. The tires retain the warmth of the day sun into the evening, retain moisture, and make it easier on old guys bending over to weed ;-).

    This year for my birthday I received 4 square tomato cages that I’m really anxious to incorporate them into my “system”. Best of luck & I look forward to more posts on your garden and how it comes out.


  5. yhance
    yhance Published |

    I remember our province very far from the city, we used to plants vegetables and fruits, and it is very exciting to harvest them and serve it for our meal,. now im already working in the city i really missed the things like this.

  6. aliem
    aliem Published |

    nice shots

  7. James Geiger
    James Geiger Published |

    Do you do anything to the soil, e.g. use soil from a compost or something? I live near the beach so the soil is nasty (i.e. rocky and sandy).

  8. Riana Kapitami
    Riana Kapitami Published |

    This may be a hope for our world, why do I say hope? because the world is now being consumed by the building, but you make this world a green

  9. sidikjari
    sidikjari Published |

    nice man.. we need more people like you.. GO GREEN!

  10. Alina
    Alina Published |

    Its a very good job you are doing to make your garden green and full of colors. The flowers can always change your mood with their beautiful fragrance. So you are doing a great job, which is really appreciative.

  11. Jack
    Jack Published |

    Seems like a nice workout! Good luck with the harvest.

  12. raz
    raz Published |

    Hi, nice to know that there are some man that still grow there own stuff!
    i allways wanted to do that and i hope in the future i will be abble to do that when ill have a big garden.
    keep it with the good work!

  13. beta
    beta Published |

    why would you need a garden? you have plenty of trees, gardens are of artificial thing, i think like that, diff between a farmer and gardener is how they are serving,
    no disrespect but you should plant more trees, nice place you have, envy you.

    and no it’s not the vitamins you for out in fields,

  14. alex
    alex Published |

    that was happened for us too you know bcs of winter the winter is key of everything yeah

    i like that picture

  15. Game Co Vua
    Game Co Vua Published |

    Your garden is beautiful: wide land, earthy look good also day.Chuc you success in the upcoming season! You can also appeal to photography it. Looking at your chosen angle is beautiful!

  16. Jami
    Jami Published |

    Need to do this myself, obviously not this size.
    Great work

  17. Martin
    Martin Published |

    I would like to have a garden so cute

  18. Jeffrey Marks
    Jeffrey Marks Published |

    The entire permaculture/homesteading lifestyle is very intriguing. Great work.

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