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  1. Steven Bradley
    Steven Bradley Published |

    Congrats Justin and keep at it.

    Your diet reminded me of some articles I read not too long ago about the Mediterranean diet. Vey similar to what you’re eating now, though with a little bit of dairy and fish/seafood mixed in. The articles were talking about recent studies that shows a connection between the diet and cardiovascular health.

    When people doubt your diet, you can point them to some of the studies.

  2. Elliott Richmond
    Elliott Richmond Published |

    I think I need to reconsider my food/beverage intake, I come from a historic blood line of high blood pressure, really curious to follow the progress of this.

  3. Yeyen
    Yeyen Published |

    Congratz Justin!!
    Keep it up..

    First you diet to lower your blood pressure, after a while, diet and excersise will make you healthier, happier, lighter and will brighter your aura.
    Do it continuosly..

  4. Anne
    Anne Published |

    Great, Justin! Congratulations! I think the most important part of this process is the mindset. I read somewhere one comment that said: “It would be useful to create the BRAIN DIET…” I think it’s just amazing you could change your diet and get a better health. Keep us updated about your progres. Thanks for sharing! Peace!

  5. Peter Doswell
    Peter Doswell Published |

    It is amazing how sticking to the green things in life can dramatically reduce your blood pressure. Keep up the good work and keep that blood pressure low. Nice article. Thank you.

  6. Avi Lambert
    Avi Lambert Published |

    I don’t have high blood pressure, but my wife does. She has congenital cardiovascular health issues (wow that’s a mouthful) of some sort, and I’d love to see her stick around for a long time.

    But I digress, I’m interested in hearing more about the plant based diets. Could you speak to how much you blend?

    Thanks for a great plugin by the way.


  7. stephen desio
    stephen desio Published |

    as the work load,schedule are going hectic care of health will be on priority ….A balanced diet will help you to get rid of all heart related diseases and BP off course

  8. Joe
    Joe Published |

    Last time, when my wife was admitted to the hospital for cyst operation, i found myself a lot of tired, its due to frequently go and back from my house to the hospital, i ask the nurse (at that time the nurse just check my wife blood pressure) to take my blood pressure using the electronic one. I was surprised when i wound out that my blood pressure reach 180. Then (worrying about my health) i went to nearest clinic for confirmation and maybe have some medicine. The doctor examined me using manually tools and not the electronic one, He found out that my BP was normal 124. Then i got confused which one is the accurate one. He then explained that the most accurate is using the Manual One. I just sharing my experience..cheers!

  9. Don
    Don Published |

    That’s great, food is healing. I know someone who is currently doing the same diet and has Los some weight and reduced hid blood pressure too.

    Good for you!

    1. Don
      Don Published |

      Please excuse the mis-spelled words, no thanks to my phone’s auto-type feature.

  10. Mike
    Mike Published |

    Congrats! I constantly check your site out for Wordpress tips and tricks but this was also a great post.

    My wife and I have been vegan for 2 years now with our diet consisting mainly of fruits and vegetables. I do eat rice, bread, nuts and seeds but not as often. I have found that when we go to Costco people often look as us funny because our shopping cart is jam-packed with mainly fruit. 🙂 But I must say I feel great every day. I don’t drink milk because casein protein found it it has been linked to cancer (The China Study).

    If you’re interested in some delicious juice recipes, please check out my website: http://www.MakeItVegan.com

  11. Fernando
    Fernando Published |

    Congrats Justin and keep at it!

  12. pollyalida
    pollyalida Published |

    Congrats! SO much better to do this without meds if at all possible. Same here, lots of high BP in my family. Exercise and healthy (mostly….) diet work for me.

  13. Richard Senior
    Richard Senior Published |

    Hi Justin,

    Good for you. I’ll say that again, Good for you! I went vegan about a year ago. Meat I found pretty easy to give up. But cutting out dairy and in particular milk was very difficult. It took me a few months for my body to adjust. Like you, I have been drinking the stuff all my life. To be honest, I have got a bit lazy lately and have been having a lot more dairy. But I do plan on getting back to a more strict diet. I know I am better for it. I think the negative comments you have received, are just that. Negative. I think over time, medical opinion will catch up with what some enlightened people already know.

    I don’t know if you have read Dr Ruth Heidrich and also Scott Jurek’s books? Between them they changed the way I look at food and health.

    All the best

  14. jordan
    jordan Published |

    amazing stuff! how long did it take for you to adapt to being a vegan? It seems like it would be a struggle, especially someone like me who was brought up on a diet focused round meat.

  15. Tristan
    Tristan Published |

    Was reading one of your awesome tutorials and found this post. Just wanted to say congrats on the improvement!

    I love the quote you included, “… practicing voodoo on yourself.” That’s what most people think when they here about a plant-based whole-foods (important) diet. But, the truth is that eating a plant-based whole-foods diet has been scientifically proven (year-after-year) to lower cholesterol, bp, reverse heart disease, etc.

    I never get why people argue about it, because when you look at any country where people on average are healthier (there’s less obesity, heart disease, etc.), you’ll notice that their diets usually consists of less meat, more plants/fruit, and most importantly less preservatives and genetically modified foods.

    Moving from Sweden to the US, my health has deteriorated over recent years partially due to the food over here. Everything is full with preservatives, sugar, dairy, etc. Even “healthy” food over here is generally “unhealthy” compared to European standards.

    I personally tried eating a plant-based whole-foods diet, but being in college it was hard. So like yourself, I have modified the diet to fit my needs. I still don’t eat red-meat and try to avoid preservatives as much as possible. And really that’s all people need to do… take the diet on board and try to follow it as closely as possible.

    There are so many haters out there, which isn’t surprising considering how much Americans love to eat meat (and eat out in general), but anyone skeptical should try it before claiming it to be a hoax.

    But again congrats on your improvement. 126/79 is not a bad number, and It’ll continue to improve over time. I don’t know what you do in terms of fitness, but a simple fitness routine that works really well is just to do 100 pushups, crunches, and squats per day. Initially most people will have to take breaks in between but eventually you’ll be able to do 50 pushups at a time easily. And best of all, you don’t have to go to a gym (unless you like to do so).

    Mexico might have overtaken the US as the most obese nation in the world, but as a part-time EMT I can tell you, 95% of our calls are related to obesity, heart disease, etc. I always feel bad when people call us just so we can help them move. I know that a lot of it is their own fault, but a lot of it is politics as well (poor school lunches, subsidies, the food pyramid made by people “consulting” for companies in the food industry,” etc.).

    Anyway, sorry for the rant, and again I applaud you on working on your health naturally. Meds are great, but they are meant to be taken temporarily until the underlying problem has been taken care off. Taking blood pressure meds without working on your diet and health, doesn’t solve the problem, it just hides it. Just a warning, a lot of vegan food sold in stores is fast food as well.

    Thanks for all the great tutorials and keep at it 😉

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