Bent Reel Mower

No Gas Lawn Mower

My dad gave me this mower that he’d been holding on to, which is just cool. It is human-powered, makes a clean cut, and is much easier to push around than a standard gas-powered push mower. I don’t have much need for it at the moment, but I was more than willing to take it.

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  1. Randy
    Randy Published |

    We have two of those. They are great but you have to keep the blades very sharp. Funny thing is, it gets the kids to actually like mowing! Their friends come over and want to try it too. Before you know it, the lawn is mowed.

  2. perdana
    perdana Published |

    Don’t ever use that mower at night bro šŸ˜€ cheers..

    1. Gyrate360
      Gyrate360 Published |

      u can try it with the help of a woman :mrgreen:

  3. Stuart
    Stuart Published |

    Now this is what I am talking about! Sometimes mechanical equipment is better than electrical or gas.

  4. Victor
    Victor Published |

    I have to say that I used to have one, but I hated it, as the garden was not very mower friendly (very hard shape)..
    I guess that if you have a normal garden will be more fun…

  5. Jason
    Jason Published |

    Damn it’s been a while since I’ve seen and used one of those. Looks good.

  6. Isaac
    Isaac Published |

    i have one of those, its cheap and simple but doesn’t always give the be results, if you want like a golf course cut you need to get another one

  7. Josh Brancek
    Josh Brancek Published |

    OMG, my father used to have one of these, but he used to say dont touch it, its really dangerous…

  8. Porangatu
    Porangatu Published |

    This looks much more fun than jerking the gas powered lawn mower in my back yard five times just to warm it up.

  9. bratzgames
    bratzgames Published |

    so cool! I love this style life, GREEN LIFE!

  10. Aashish Sahni
    Aashish Sahni Published |

    This is better than the elcectronic cutter! Human power at its best šŸ™‚

  11. Daniel Heywood
    Daniel Heywood Published |

    I’m liking that a lot, and I want one, manual is the future & no lead to cut through!

  12. Howard
    Howard Published |

    What’s your thoughts on a hydrogen powered mower? Isn’t it about time we moved away from gas powered mowers?

  13. Tom Lembo
    Tom Lembo Published |

    I worked in a busy ER for many years, and saw a bunch of unfortunate lawnmower accidents, usually involving people slipping on wet grass and winding up with their feet under the mower. It never occurred to me to recommend push mowers to anyone for safety’s sake. It looks like your bent one is still safer than a power mower any day!

  14. Bob
    Bob Published |

    Nice mower! But the big question is: Do your chickens lay eggs?

  15. Joclyn H.
    Joclyn H. Published |

    My dad gave me the one we grew up cutting our yard with. There were times that I hated that thing but I cherish it now šŸ™‚

  16. mazikk
    mazikk Published |

    so cool! I love this style life, GREEN LIFE!

  17. kaos bola
    kaos bola Published |

    nice mower, bro can I have it too šŸ˜‰

  18. Wendy Duncan
    Wendy Duncan Published |

    I use my Grandads old mover, it’s around 60 years old and better and more convenient than my electric one.

  19. Rob
    Rob Published |

    Haha, I remember using a lawn mower similar to this when I was a child. My grand dad had one and every summer it was my job to do the lawn when I went over.

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