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  1. Tiare
    Tiare Published |

    Confession: I’ve been “lurking” on your site since you were an up-and-comer on the WP scene. I’ve always been impressed by how giving you are, how willing and quick you are with a helping hand. It was people like you who really helped foster the “sharing is caring” attitude of the WP community.

    So seeing your thoughts about homesteading, namely your motivations for wanting to do it, I’m not surprised but am impressed enough to finally leave a comment.

    It’d be wonderful if more people were willing to live simply instead of trying to “keep up with the Joneses” and give in to every materialistic, commercial, consumeristic impulse. Mainstream society would have us believe possessions set us free when, truly, they limit us with feelings of never having enough, lack of self-sufficiency, and always wanting more.

    I hope your example continues to impress and inspire people to give without expectation and live without limitation. It’d be great to see that community grow, too.

  2. donnacha
    donnacha Published |

    Getting off the grid and attaining self-sufficiency is very much the direction I want to go in myself, so, I’m going to follow your reports with great interest.

    This may be an odd question, but are your chickens noisy? To the extent of disturbing your sleep in the mornings?

  3. Randy
    Randy Published |

    @donnacha – We have 7 chickens up here in northern Wisconsin and they are not loud at all. (We are not allowed roosters in this area as most areas won’t allow them.) Besides the eggs (which will be a few more weeks yet!) they rid our yard of disease-carrying ticks naturally!

    @justin – Coincidentally, the last few WP sites I have done all deal with Net Zero living. Mainly (as I am sure you know) they are house panel systems that are designed to insulate so well that they do not really require heat or air-conditioning. Having been in the home building/cabinet making trade for nearly 20 years this has been very interesting for me to learn about. It’s a whole new approach to building unlike “stick-building”.

    Just as important as locating your house in the sun for optimal solar collection is making sure there is also a shady side for hot summer days. Most of these Net Zero homes have no energy bills at all.

  4. Andrea_R
    Andrea_R Published |

    Cool! We actually did this ourselves way back in the 90’s. It’s a lot of hard work, But seriously gratifying, and yes I miss the chickens.

  5. Leho Kraav (@lkraav)
    Leho Kraav (@lkraav) Published |

    By “create energy” you mean “generate electricity”, right?

    Do correct me if I’m wrong but I could swear my Physics teacher made it his mission to constantly remind us “energy cannot be created, only converted from one form to another”.

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  8. Anand Kumar
    Anand Kumar Published |

    Damn! It looks like you play “FarmVille” or “Hay Day” in real life. How could you manage time between farming and developing? It’s far different from each other.

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