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  1. Elliott Richmond
    Elliott Richmond Published |

    That’s a great idea, besides using Nav Menus this would also be viable plugin territory too wouldn’t you agree?

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  3. Thiago Senna
    Thiago Senna Published |


    a plugin for your proposed solution would be just CSS and a registered menu location? Or the menu location should be registered from within the theme while the plugin has just the CSS?


  4. Randy
    Randy Published |

    Nice. I have done very similar in my custom themes but I forgot all about the CSS selectors for URLs. Thanks for reminding!

    So, I realize the point of this post was not about making a plugin, however, this idea made me wonder what your process for developing plugins that require a very minimal amount of CSS would be?
    Do you spend a whole http request linking to a file with a few lines of CSS?
    Do you dynamically add the CSS inline?
    Do you add the style code dynamically to the head of the page (and possibly allow CSS options, etc.)?
    Any preference?

  5. Chip Bennett
    Chip Bennett Published |

    What a great idea!

    (It might be even greater if it used, say, Genericons rather than an image sprite. 😉 – especially since there’s a bit of movement now to get Genericons into core.)

    I would add support for a standardized version of this, in a heartbeat. This really is core territory (moreso even than Plugin territory); but currently, Themes don’t have any core or Plugin implementation to rely on. I would love to support such an implementation, and drop the custom social media links from my Theme.

  6. Katrina Moody
    Katrina Moody Published |

    I use the navigation menus and use that to put a social menu together using sprites for most my new site builds, but I really like the idea of using genericons as the default use in this case. I create custom social icons so creating the sprite to use within the CSS is generally part of setting it up.

    I love the idea of being able to register this for any theme and shift the location as needed. I’d love to see the idea of a social menu selection added to core – most folks could use something like this. Building it into core would be a phenomenal way to allow for ultimate flexibility. Plus it would be a way to help more site owners integrate this on their own. That is definitely a bonus.

  7. Sami Keijonen
    Sami Keijonen Published |

    What a nice idea! I’m with Chip and Genericons (or similar) would be in mind first.

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  9. Ruairi Phelan
    Ruairi Phelan Published |

    A WordPress Zen moment captured. Great idea to begin with, hopefully the menu and the Genericons will find their way to the core.

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  14. Nate Wright
    Nate Wright Published |

    I’ve created a gist which implements this technique using the Socicons font:


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  18. Ricky Buchanan
    Ricky Buchanan Published |

    Justin, what are the last two arguments on your register_nav_menu call at the top?

    According to http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/register_nav_menu there are only two arguments, but you have four and I can’t figure out what the last two should do. I know you wrote this ~6 months ago so I’m guessing it may have changed in the mean time? I tried checking the nav menus guide you linked but you only use two arguments there too.

    Thanks for an awesome guide BTW, I’m just implementing the genericons version on ATMac.

    1. Ricky Buchanan
      Ricky Buchanan Published |

      Ack, sorry I have brain failure. I see it’s not extra arguments there at all, it’s in the _x() call.

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