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  1. Alicia
    Alicia Published |

    What no recipe?

  2. James
    James Published |

    They look nice – nothing better than good bread 🙂

  3. Betty
    Betty Published |

    I usually just grab premade rolls at the supermarket but those look so much better. Wondering how much work is involved.

  4. Branko Jagodic
    Branko Jagodic Published |

    O brother, that looks so fine i almost eat the screen 22 inch.) write us a recipe here.

  5. Satriyo
    Satriyo Published |

    Look delicious. Guess you’re a good baker. I can never cook such good-looking breads.

  6. Rob
    Rob Published |

    Did you cook these in the office, I wish we had an oven in our office. That fresh bread smell… ummmh


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