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  1. Freetechpark
    Freetechpark Published |

    WordPress theme is important to make a website.

  2. Tung
    Tung Published |

    I’ve been dragging my feet around this issue because I’m lazy hahaha. Thanks for doing the work. Gonna check it out tomorrow.

  3. Michael
    Michael Published |

    Im trying to get the custom controls displaying with the core mediaelement in wordpress. I can only see the default browser controls. Tried following your steps on github but no luck. Any ideas?

  4. Ron
    Ron Published |

    This is the theme i was looking for, Great awesome theme.

  5. Dan Knauss
    Dan Knauss Published |

    Wasn’t this incorporated into 3.9? Or something along these lines?

  6. Henry Wright
    Henry Wright Published |

    Do you have any screenshots of how the audio play looks?

  7. Henry Wright
    Henry Wright Published |

    Wow, that’s really cool. Love the simplicity. I’ve been looking for ideas on Dribbble but this tops all of the designs so far

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