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  1. Tiyo Kamtiyono
    Tiyo Kamtiyono Published |

    This is a handy snippet to have Justin, post type is now the ring and bells of WordPress. I just wonder why Hybrid not (yet) include this kind of type on the post meta section by default.

    I found this on Thematic when I already creating a ‘series’ of post using your plugin, and the series meta is included, I never know it before, Thematic was nice by that :)

    Sorry if I have a misunderstanding, series is one of the type, right? ;(

  2. Lucy Beer
    Lucy Beer Published |

    Thanks for this. I found the level of detail you included really helpful in gaining a more in-depth understanding of custom post types.

    1. Damien
      Damien Published |

      I agree! The comments in this are fantastic and really helped!

  3. Marc
    Marc Published |

    Thanks for saving me time!

  4. Extremely thorough cheat sheet on register_post_type() by @justintadlock - Advanced WordPress Tutorials, Tips and Resources
  5. Wasifaliwasi
    Wasifaliwasi Published |

    This post have a great article . Nice information for everyone .Thanks for this post .

  6. Ansif
    Ansif Published |

    Great Cheat-sheet for Custom Post Type :

    I have one question that you have mentioned in this code as :


    What it does in our post type?

  7. lesterine
    lesterine Published |

    hi justin,

    thank you for all your work and posting on wordpress. quite frankly, i’m not sure what i find more inspiring ~ your homesteading / gardening / cooking and baking . . . or coding. for i, too, am a friend of plants and delicious home cooked meals :)

    to my point:

    will you be adding to this post or penning a new one on adding custom fields, including displaying on the edit screen for custom post types?

    i am currently having trouble displaying the custom fields on my hand-coded custom post type, using “add_meta_box” and other functions.

    i’m using an outdated book from sitepoint (which i whole-heartedly recommend for beginners) but can’t get those pesky fields to show up on the admin edit custom post page ~ darn it!!

    of course, i will continue to google around . . . and, thank you, hard-coded, kind-hearted sir!


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