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  1. Doug Stewart
    Doug Stewart Published |


    1. Mary Susan
      Mary Susan Published |

      lol, yes indeed! More awesomness to our theme!

  2. Alex Vasquez
    Alex Vasquez Published |

    Neat tut, Justin. I’d love to see you do more tutorials regarding the Customizer. Seriously.

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  5. ADMR
    ADMR Published |

    Thanks Justin for sharing your tips. I didnt know how to do that in WP.




  6. Manny Fleurmond
    Manny Fleurmond Published |

    Thank you, Justin. I’ve been binging on customizer tutorials for the past week in prepping for making my first theme. This will be a great help. I would love to see the customizer controls used outside the customizer, like in meta boxes and settings pages. Do you know if it’s possible?

  7. Alex Jobs
    Alex Jobs Published |

    Any help on Thesis 2.0 ?

  8. Anthony
    Anthony Published |

    I feel pretty stupid. I cannot for the life of me able to get this to work. I followed what you did, but when I go to the customize it just shows a blank white screen. When I pulled the code back out it worked normally.

    I know not support, but any thoughts on why that would happen?

    Thank you,


  9. Dare
    Dare Published |

    Nice tutorial, however, it’s looks so technical and difficult for a naΓ―ve fellow like me to understand.

    Can you kindly publish more posts on wordpress tips ( not involving codes).

    Best regards

  10. Piet
    Piet Published |

    It’s a very neat function, but how to override this in a child theme?

  11. Katrina Moody
    Katrina Moody Published |

    I wanted to thank you for the amazing tutorial on this! I was able to implement it on a theme I was building for a client and am keeping it handy for future reference. I did so much digging in the Customizer options trying to set that up before I found your post – your implementation of it worked nicely for me! πŸ˜€

  12. Per
    Per Published |

    Thanks for the tutorial! I have only one issue, the settings for the background image choosen ends up above the background image selector. Do you know if it possible to set the priority in some way?

  13. Jon
    Jon Published |

    Hi Justin

    For the life of me, I can’t figure out where to put the last bit with the default backgrounds. Can you give me a hint as to where it should be placed?

  14. mikeritter
    mikeritter Published |

    I made this adjustment, adding my directory as a variable:

    function jt_default_backgrounds( $backgrounds ) {

    $dir = '%s/images/backgrounds';

    $backgrounds['example-1'] = array(

    'url' => "$dir/example-1.png",

    'thumbnail_url' => "$dir/example-1-thumb.png"


    return $backgrounds;


  15. Testicus
    Testicus Published |

    I cannot get this to work on wordpress 4.2.2… It still allows me only to set one background. I want it to cycle backgrounds between each request. I can hardcode in the backgrounds I wish it to cycle between, but I’d rather have it dynamic so it can be changed in wordpress.

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