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  1. nackle2k10
    nackle2k10 Published |

    you should start a recipe blog and put a demo video how you cook it 😀

    1. Colleen Kelly
      Colleen Kelly Published |

      So where is the recipe?

    2. Jo
      Jo Published |

      This is great idea!

  2. Matt Van Andel
    Matt Van Andel Published |

    You can’t just tease like that and not post the recipe!

  3. Alex Jobs
    Alex Jobs Published |

    Look bad but it’s certainly very tasty :U

  4. Dare
    Dare Published |

    it might be a good idea, Keep it up.

  5. Ann
    Ann Published |

    I do not like cinnamon, vanilla better.

  6. Phil The Greek
    Phil The Greek Published |

    Looks fantastic – are you going to publish the recipe??

  7. Karl
    Karl Published |

    Seeing the awesomeness of these rolls, I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t have come here in t he first place. My stomach is sooo empty 🙂

  8. egyaqar
    egyaqar Published |

    look great .. so delicious

    thankyou so much

  9. rachelle
    rachelle Published |

    Looks yummy! I think they are indeed worth every calorie.

  10. Jacky
    Jacky Published |

    “I like pastry.” You almost have enough food to open up a restaurant!

  11. igre
    igre Published |

    No recipe? All the same, they look amazing

  12. Darren
    Darren Published |

    These do look amazing!! Please send out a group message/alert when the recipe section is up!

    1. James
      James Published |

      These look great, I’ve tried a few cinnamon roll recipe’s. If possible send the recipe to me I’ll give it a shot.

      Great site thanks mang.


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