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  1. cris chopin
    cris chopin Published |

    Just because you had a happy (occasional) experience doesn’t mean it was God behind it no matter how important it was to you . There are obviously logical explanations for your little event . Probably your housemate finally found time for it or finally understood it’s important to you to be helped .

    Let’s say for the sake of argument a higher power was behind it. That would mean that the same higher power is doing absolutely nothing to stop the sad reality of one kid dying of malnutrition complications every six seconds YET it decided to relief your “enormous pain” of needing help with cleaning. That higher power obviously lacks common sense as it strangely chooses to do irrelevant , unimportant miracles while ignoring the really important miracles like for example helping the ugandan leader of an army of kids (LRA) get caught . Did you know many kids were forced to rape/kill their own mothers in that army in order to instill fear/respect ?? But I am happy God helped you with cleaning.

    Such a wonderful higher power.

    Do you use the same warm fuzzy logic when programming ? Probably not.

    I am still hoping you’ll say you were joking. But this is a VERY serious subject. BECAUSE OF GUYS LIKE YOU who are really smart and well known for their accomplishments yet give the impression there is actually a possibility for God to exist religion will never die . For example an aspiring programmer , who really admires your work might be influenced in thinking that there is a chance for God to exist and from that to faith is a short and dangerous path.

    You are important for the world. Be responsible in your statements.

  2. cris chopin
    cris chopin Published |

    I looked at the Dawkins’ book review first and while I understand now this post was a ment to be funny YOUR OWN statement that you are far from a non-believer stirred me the most. Why ? I will admit . As the things are now you are a much better programmer than me. There you have it. Now please tell me : how such a smart guy like you can say he is “far from a non-believer” when any God except the God of Eistein is so easily disproved ?? Maybe it’s my english again (I’m romanian) but i don’t think that “far from a non-believer” means pantheism. So what did you mean by that ? That is what I wanted to find out from the very begining. Why ? Because usually faith of any kind is reserved for not so smart people but you don’t fit that description . And you got me interested. I have lived all my life among people who had faith in God and not a single time have I met someone really smart like you . That is why I felt this urge to talk to you . But if the subject bothers you I’ll stop. We can always talk about this on mail if you want. Maybe you can recommend me a serious article on your side. I haven’t found any yet. Williams Lane Craig / John Lennox don’t count. They are lame :).

  3. cris chopin
    cris chopin Published |


    I admit. I was trying to trick you into explaining what you meant by saying you are “FAR from a non-believer”.

    Last and final honest truth for you : I HATE it when smart people are not hard atheists . I think faith and NOT religion is the biggest enemy of humanity. Religions come and go . Faith remains the main VIRUS holding us back. And if ALL smart people would take the time to understand that their faith is coming from feelings only (without rational proof) maybe one day all the stupid people would see they are alone in their faith and start thinking .

    But you just made me realize I am trying to achieve the impossible.

  4. Kevin Mendenhall
    Kevin Mendenhall Published |

    Quite amazed that someone would take that much time to harass another person on their own blog. Of coarse, if you had said that you were Muslim, Atheist, or Buddhist, those would all be acceptable. The idea of a higher power is so easily disproved, yet nobody has ever dis-proven it. Atheists believe that we just happened, we just evolved from something else. Yet, every single thing that we come in contact with in our entire lives has been created by someone or something else. Not one of us has ever witnessed something that “just happened”. The one thing that you can be sure of is that an atheist will always be smarter than you, look down on you, belittle you if you have any kind of faith, and more than happy to tell you how stupid you are. These are usually the same people who will call you a racist every time you disagree with someone of another race, but only if you are white. The belittling comments in this case comes from a guy that doesn’t know enough to capitalize the first letters in his first and last names. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Disrespecting a guy on his own blog is like disrespecting him in his house. Even Atheists call for God when they are on their death bed, I wonder why. We can only hope to achieve his level of intelligence, then the world will be a truly wonderful place.

  5. Liz Dillon
    Liz Dillon Published |

    I had a major, major laugh reading your entry, and went on to check out the comments because I had expected that there’d be more of us wanting to high five over the joke. Bummer. Totally didn’t expect that some would launch into a theology/philosophical debate.

    Anyways, thanks for the laugh đŸ™‚

    Brought me back to my student days when I had megatons of similar housemate ‘stories’.

  6. Clangorous Intellect
    Clangorous Intellect Published |

    I had a good, small chuckle over this post, Justin Tadlock. I’ve myself had housemates from Hell. Truth to tell, they will never know how close they came to disaster before I escaped to another residence. Your housemate sounds much more harmless!

    The religion fuss that somehow rose from a little joke is classically boring. By definition, one cannot prove the nonexistence of anything. Is there an invisible, intangible pink elephant standing right next to you? Is there not an invisible, intangible pink elephant standing right next to you? Prove it one way or the other. I dare you! ;^)

    I could go on, but if I were to go into detail about the matter, I’d post it to my own blog. Besides, after many years of watching “spirited arguments” in the old Fidonet BBS echoes and later in the Internet forums, it has become crystal clear that when it comes to religion, no minds will be changed, and no one is listening anyway.

    In any case, be well.

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