Alabama cold

Alabamians just weren’t built for this. I’m praying for a little sunshine.

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  1. Michael
    Michael Published |

    Imagine if it got cold enough that you actually needed to put anti-freeze in your car! 😉

    1. José Alencastro
      José Alencastro Published |

      All Obama’s nation is cold in this winter 🙂

    2. pinellaslivinggreen
      pinellaslivinggreen Published |

      Imagine if it got cold enough

  2. Kathy Drewien
    Kathy Drewien Published |

    I see you successfully avoided gridlock.

  3. Randy
    Randy Published |

    Hey, at least your chickens still come outside! Ours won’t leave the coop it’s been so cold. (-23 on Monday without the wind chill) They have taken over my woodworking shop that is attached to their coop! (Which, as you can imagine, I don’t use right now since it is not really heated.)

  4. Sue
    Sue Published |

    Looks really cold in Alabama. I’m in PDX Oregon and we are having a very dry winter. No rain is turning our green into brown. What is up with this crazy winter weather.

  5. David - @turtlepod
    David - @turtlepod Published |

    Crazy weather everywhere.

    I just got a flashback,

    When I was in grade school, my dream was to be a mangaka or a vet or both.

    And go to japan and europe because I want to see snow.

    I used to think that the only place with snow is japan and europe, and s/n pole.

    And currently, I don’t even have a pet 🙂

  6. Rajan
    Rajan Published |

    It’s looks like really very COLD

  7. ankaragücü haberleri
    ankaragücü haberleri Published |

    oo very cold -10? or -20? few months in the summer

  8. Dee Syed
    Dee Syed Published |

    We thought we’d escaped the cold weather over here in London with a warmer and earlier than usual spring but it’s suddenly become freezing! Even had hailstones yesterday… looks like winter might not have forgotten us after all 🙂

  9. wawan
    wawan Published |

    similar chickens look like with those at my homeland Indonesia! “Ayam kampung” we call it!

  10. Hina
    Hina Published |

    Oh it look so cold. It will be hard to start the car

  11. Rahul
    Rahul Published |

    I can feel the cold just by looking at the pics.

  12. James
    James Published |

    Looks like there’s been very cold days back then. I can’t wait for summer and days on the beach after that.

  13. Sheena
    Sheena Published |

    I can’t even imagine how are those chicken surviving during winter?? @_@

  14. Ebaraha
    Ebaraha Published |

    oh really its a nice feel to be in cold.actually in India there will be 49 Celsius .After watching this article i’m feeling that i want to be there right now.

  15. Fernanda Vilas Boas
    Fernanda Vilas Boas Published |

    OMG, I love winter and snow. I would like to live in a place colder. =(

  16. John Peter
    John Peter Published |

    Looks like there’s been terribly cold days earlier. I can’t look forward to summer and days on the beach then


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