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  1. Brad Dalton
    Brad Dalton Published |

    I like the new presentation.

    Any theme color choices like a color selector which changes background and link colors?

  2. Morgan Johnstone
    Morgan Johnstone Published |

    Man, your theme is the best I’ve come across in some time. It impressed the heck out of me.. So much so that I actually don’t mind the “Powered by WordPress and Stargazer.” at the bottom. You are a very talented guy. Thanks so much for doing this. Your theme is up at the url I listed with this comment. Let me know if I should be doing something different!

    Also, do you do freelance coding?

  3. Justin
    Justin Published |

    I am looking to try an edit the menu look by adding my own image behind it. Where can I do this? It’s an image that I want repeated like the primary menu option.

  4. fan
    fan Published |

    Hi, any choices to erase the copyright in the footer?

  5. Faishal
    Faishal Published |

    Very Nice Theme Justin … especially for the horizontal and vertical featured image

  6. Danni Charis
    Danni Charis Published |

    Awesome theme. No question to ask, all the doubts which am having has been cleared with above comments.

  7. Greg Price
    Greg Price Published |

    I just installed Stargazer and the Menu is not appearing on the site. Any ideas? Thank you.

  8. Tony
    Tony Published |

    It says your theme supports HTML5 and I put a video in a post and its not showing up. I have the latest wordpress. please advise

  9. Deepinfosec
    Deepinfosec Published |


    I posted my question on the forum a week ago, and haven’t gotten a reply yet. Can you take a look please? http://wordpress.org/support/topic/featured-image-below-title-ex-atsris-theme?replies=1

  10. Jason Taylor
    Jason Taylor Published |

    Congratulations Justin. Stargazer is a beautiful theme and it’s nice to see you get recognition for a job well done.

  11. sanjay
    sanjay Published |

    This is an amazing theme, really a good one for my new blogging niche. Stargazer is awesome! you deserve a pat on the back :)

  12. Kevin
    Kevin Published |

    Mmmm I didn’t know Stargazer Theme is this popular. I used it on my new blog 2 weeks ago but removed it again because I couldn’t customize a few stuffs on it. Maybe I need to look into it again!


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