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  1. Brad Dalton
    Brad Dalton Published |

    I like the new presentation.

    Any theme color choices like a color selector which changes background and link colors?

  2. Morgan Johnstone
    Morgan Johnstone Published |

    Man, your theme is the best I’ve come across in some time. It impressed the heck out of me.. So much so that I actually don’t mind the “Powered by WordPress and Stargazer.” at the bottom. You are a very talented guy. Thanks so much for doing this. Your theme is up at the url I listed with this comment. Let me know if I should be doing something different!

    Also, do you do freelance coding?

  3. Justin
    Justin Published |

    I am looking to try an edit the menu look by adding my own image behind it. Where can I do this? It’s an image that I want repeated like the primary menu option.

  4. fan
    fan Published |

    Hi, any choices to erase the copyright in the footer?

  5. Faishal
    Faishal Published |

    Very Nice Theme Justin … especially for the horizontal and vertical featured image

  6. Danni Charis
    Danni Charis Published |

    Awesome theme. No question to ask, all the doubts which am having has been cleared with above comments.

  7. Greg Price
    Greg Price Published |

    I just installed Stargazer and the Menu is not appearing on the site. Any ideas? Thank you.

  8. Tony
    Tony Published |

    It says your theme supports HTML5 and I put a video in a post and its not showing up. I have the latest wordpress. please advise

  9. Deepinfosec
    Deepinfosec Published |


    I posted my question on the forum a week ago, and haven’t gotten a reply yet. Can you take a look please? http://wordpress.org/support/topic/featured-image-below-title-ex-atsris-theme?replies=1

  10. Jason Taylor
    Jason Taylor Published |

    Congratulations Justin. Stargazer is a beautiful theme and it’s nice to see you get recognition for a job well done.

  11. sanjay
    sanjay Published |

    This is an amazing theme, really a good one for my new blogging niche. Stargazer is awesome! you deserve a pat on the back 🙂

  12. Kevin
    Kevin Published |

    Mmmm I didn’t know Stargazer Theme is this popular. I used it on my new blog 2 weeks ago but removed it again because I couldn’t customize a few stuffs on it. Maybe I need to look into it again!

  13. Aleksa
    Aleksa Published |

    Very interesting theme, maybe you can add a little red in the top line, and mauby more layouts on the right side. Stargazer is the theme for me only for writters and stories.

    Nice job, very well.

  14. Bican Valeriu
    Bican Valeriu Published |

    Make some colors presets for this theme. Is it responsive or ? I would like if it will be built on Bootstrap framework 🙂 !

  15. Humberto
    Humberto Published |

    Hello friend, congratulations for the theme, I think it great and beautiful, I am Developer / Programmer (PHP) and wanted to add more functions to your theme, how I can help and contribute to the development and improvement? I tried to go to GitHub, but I see that the repository is not synchronized, it is not updated with the latest published version at WordPress.org, I look forward to being able to contribute and further enhance this topic that is simply wonderful.

  16. Tom
    Tom Published |

    Hi Justin,

    I just wanted to say thank you for the Stargazer theme. It’s a very nice and easy to customize theme. Thank you!

    I have translated the theme into Dutch, if you’re interested you can find the translation files here.

  17. debbie gowans
    debbie gowans Published |

    I was wondering how much membership are please and thank you

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