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  1. Ray Blanchett
    Ray Blanchett Published |


    Came across your website after searching quality written content on Wordpress software platform, as I have just moved to Wordpress. Given me ideas to show media content embedded into education content using hybrid media 2. Appears easy to install and operate and should be a good visual tool for my website visitors to use.

  2. Erin
    Erin Published |

    This is pretty cool and useful 🙂

  3. Darragh McCurragh
    Darragh McCurragh Published |

    Hm, when I think back on how awkward everything was only a few years ago when trying to “spruce up” posts with any type of media and how seemingly seamlessly it now all works with embeds and shortcodes, I am a bit miffed at some of the users I meet who think because the embeds are little snippets of words the technology must be simple! In fact it is because of the likes of you and their ideas that the user has to do lesser and lesser and still gets more and more functionality.

  4. lgnicolas
    lgnicolas Published |

    Pretty and awesome post, I like it

  5. Graham
    Graham Published |

    This looks great Justin, thank you – I will certainly put this to use 🙂

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