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  1. reswara
    reswara Published |

    Hehehe, I agree with you, totally. My grandma can make “pecel”, (you know, some food from Indonesia) better than every one.

    But, my grandma was pass away 8 years ago. :(

    I hope your Granny have good conditions and longevity. :)

  2. iRikai
    iRikai Published |

    Looks “delicious” to me. I bet it was indeed delicious.

    Lucky you to have such caring Granny

  3. Naser
    Naser Published |

    The love of a granny cannot be compared. It is unconditional love. My granny is in stars now. I really miss her :'(

  4. Sanjay
    Sanjay Published |

    That’s an interesting biscuit :) I remember my granny cooked my favorite delicacies and I would eat them all. Now, I miss her.

  5. ben
    ben Published |

    holly cra*! Those are some puffy baps. In Scotland a bap is a bread roll (which these look like superficially). But having done a hitch in Savannah GA, I know the difference, and by God Im at a loss for a good biscuit, let alone gravy. I mean if you are going to have a diet this poor, at least it should make your toes curl when you sit down on Sunday! Thanks for making a yank weep!


  6. andrewbales
    andrewbales Published |

    It looks delicious to me. That’s an interesting biscuit :)

  7. Victor
    Victor Published |

    Sadly my grandma is not with us anymore, but She was the most amazing cooker I ever met.

    Enjoy yours !! and bon appetite

  8. Anand
    Anand Published |

    Thanks for remind me about by grandma.She is very far from me and i m missing her

  9. Sandeep Yadav
    Sandeep Yadav Published |

    Haha..Just love the title. I love my Grandma’s cookies, especially the sweets she make when we go visit her.

  10. Derick Dedmon
    Derick Dedmon Published |

    My Grandmother passed away when I was young, so I did not get to have much time with her, but I can remember the times when I would walk into her house and smell the baking more than 20 years later. Cookies, upside down cakes (my fav), biscuits, you name it she baked it. I should ask my Mom if she still has any of her old recipes.

    1. Sandeep Yadav
      Sandeep Yadav Published |

      Hey, That sounds sad. Sorry to hear that.

  11. Charis
    Charis Published |

    I always love to visit my grand mother’s house as she cooks delicious food and sweets for me which i like the most.

  12. Vivek Kumar
    Vivek Kumar Published |

    Looks “delicious” to me.


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