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  1. Henry Wright
    Henry Wright Published |

    This is an interesting read! I’ve always imagined what it’d be like working on a farm or in a farm-like environment. Whoever said rural life is dull? You should really try feeding your cats a little more though, they may get hungry. I bet it’s hard work catching their own food 🙂

  2. Neil Gee
    Neil Gee Published |

    Have to say Justin, you certainly pen your words well, maybe a side gig in children books about life on the farm would be fruitful.

  3. kilinkis
    kilinkis Published |


  4. Miguel Guzmán
    Miguel Guzmán Published |

    This was a touching story. I adopted an older cat earlier this summer. The cat might be around 10-12 years old, has cataracts in one eye and has only a few teeth left. Might be the most cuddling cat I’ve ever seen. Can’t fathom why someone would leave him in the streets.

    Good idea to move that dog away from its cruel owner. And sorry for your loss.

  5. Aqib Iqbal
    Aqib Iqbal Published |

    Really Respect it. It was heart touching story. Thanks for informing. 🙂

  6. Sabrina
    Sabrina Published |

    Really a touching story. Sorry to hear that.

  7. Muppa Real Estate
    Muppa Real Estate Published |

    Feeling really sorry to hear this and this one is heart touching story.

  8. john boshap
    john boshap Published |

    feeling sorry for your cat , it always hurts when someone who is close to you will go away . i think u should have to get another cat . you can get a same like her .

  9. Subodh Gupta
    Subodh Gupta Published |

    This article touched my heart.

    You are a great writer Justin!

  10. Alen
    Alen Published |

    it’s always wonderful read about big and small success stories written. Keep giving us feedback about you work.

  11. Rhonda
    Rhonda Published |

    I too am sorry for your loss and empathize with you as I live on acreage and have animals and gardens. However, I fail to see how your ‘relocating’ this dog to another area was the right or humane choice. It leaves the dog to roam free, they have been know to roam hundreds of miles even, occasionally returning to their former homes regardless of the conditions. The dog is now free to attack any animal wild or domesticated, to go without proper vet care and was denied the opportunity for a loving family to possibly adopt him. Just food for thought…

  12. Simon
    Simon Published |

    Dogs display kind loving loyalty unlike meaningful human relationships. When something loves you unconditionally and then you have to see it die it’s incredible hard. Well written. Thanks.

  13. Neeta
    Neeta Published |


    This is was such an emotional blog post. Sorry to hear about your uncle. It indeed takes time to come out of such hard events. Time is the only remedy.

    Take care

  14. Emily
    Emily Published |

    Very sorry to hear that. I can understand how you feel on this. Because i have been through this time myself. Losing some one even some thing makes us very sad and sometimes alone..But we have to move on and that is what we should do.

  15. zulham
    zulham Published |

    gardening will make us happy.

    I am farmers in indonesia. I have dairy farm, broiler farm and breeding bird also.

    It’s incredable moment that i ever had.

    thanks for sharing

  16. Sergey Nikitin
    Sergey Nikitin Published |

    I feel sorry for your loss. You’re a good man. I wish health to all who you love.


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