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  1. Alan
    Alan Published |

    An ETA would be nicer. Will it be easy to alter the style?Am I right to assume it’ll be responsive? I’d love to see what it would look like on small screen.

  2. Sridhar Katakam
    Sridhar Katakam Published |


    I know that anything you make is quality. Can you briefly mention what problems your plugin solves compared to the existing solutions like bbPress?

  3. Piet
    Piet Published |

    Hi Justin,

    If your forum plugin is compatible with WPML, then I’m on the front seat to implement it for my clients 🙂 I have tried bbPress a couple of times, but the incredible amount of time needed to make that somehow work simply outweighs the benefits of having a forum on a bi/multilingual site.

  4. Ira
    Ira Published |

    Very nice, Justin,

    thanks for sharing a sneak-peek. The idea seems very nice and after checking out the code of few of your previous plugins, I’m honestly looking forward to it because I believe it’s gonna be as lightweight as possible, thus the best option around again.

    Thanks for all the shares, you know well how much you’re helping to move the community forward.


  5. Hayley
    Hayley Published |

    Looking good, I’m glad you’ve gone with this familiar layout, I might finally be able to get off phpBB with our guild forum.

  6. Mike
    Mike Published |

    Looks very clean, and I know the code will be too, based on other plugins I’ve worked with that you’ve created.

    I always had trouble getting behind bbPress, so this might give me incentive to start looking into trying my hand at clients with message boards, or even utilizing this for my own projects like my freelance blog.

    I know there’s no ETA, and I agree that they’re more like deadlines, but I’ll be watching for this to get released. And I’m also looking forward to working with its API and seeing what I can do to extend it from it’s core.

  7. Alexandre V
    Alexandre V Published |

    Thanks again for the share, great jobs !

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