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  2. Dr. Yoli Di Giulio
    Dr. Yoli Di Giulio Published |

    I think I should use your views in implementing the themes in my new website themes.

  3. Sami Keijonen
    Sami Keijonen Published |

    Congrats for both of you! Even if the price is a little bit too high for me at the moment, I’ll definitely be your client. I know I can trust your review and your eagle eyes for catching issues.

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  5. CJ Andrew
    CJ Andrew Published |

    This is really welcome news.

    In the first instance, teaming up with Emil on ThemeReview.co is brilliant. I think any theme developer will benefit from getting a code/security review from you both.

    Partnering with StudioPress and now Envato is the logical next step, and I’m not too surprised that it has happened, although I’m still excited by it.

    This will help theme quality on Envato a great deal.

    Thank you both (Emil and yourself), for all you do.


  6. Marty
    Marty Published |

    This is great. I will definitely be in touch with you guys next month for my organization’s custom theme. As a solo developer this is kind of a no-brainer just for the piece of mind.

  7. Emil Uzelac
    Emil Uzelac Published |

    Thank you all!

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  9. Victor Castillejos
    Victor Castillejos Published |

    Congratulations for this new project !!!

    I was wondering if this service also applies for someone that bought a theme and want to be sure of getting the best of it.


    1. Emil Uzelac
      Emil Uzelac Published |

      Yes, service is available to all.

  10. Josh Adams
    Josh Adams Published |

    This is awesome, Justin!

    May I ask what sort of prices you charge for a code audit?

  11. Andrew Swindells
    Andrew Swindells Published |

    This is great. I look forward to seeing the next project…………

  12. Donald Duke
    Donald Duke Published |

    Awesome, You guys are the best, I like the idea of partnering with Emil on ThemeReview.co, StudioPress as well as Envato, this is a welcomed development, it can’t come at a better time. I also think the price is fair enough

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