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  1. Nilambar Sharma
    Nilambar Sharma Published |

    Thanks for the great write-up. I am also using radio image control but in little different approach. May be it could be alternative approach to achieve Radio Image control without JS and little CSS. https://gist.github.com/ernilambar/913b610c265d540ec0a7

  2. Ashwin
    Ashwin Published |

    Very useful thanks for the code…

  3. Ciaran
    Ciaran Published |

    Thank you Justin. I requested this one in the content thread a couple of weeks ago.

    Another good snippet will be conditional logic.

    Image radio 2 is selected, so then some controls are now made available based on that selection.

  4. alhoseany
    alhoseany Published |

    This is great. i wonder if the customizer api can handle a drag and drop content into the preview page like the visual composer.

    i really think that themes on themforest have gone so far regarding using visual composer for content layout until it is not clear anymore what is content and what is presentation.

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  6. Hyder
    Hyder Published |

    How would I use this with render_content? Just replace the content_template tag?

    I implemented your control as directed but clicking the radio images does not change the value. It does get set by default, but does not refresh once another radio image is selected.


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  8. Giovanni
    Giovanni Published |

    Great post.

    I have a problem though: I implemented the custom control, but the “Save” button stays inactive in the Customizer. What can I do to make WordPress know I made a change, so I can save it?

    1. Oris
      Oris Published |

      Having the same problem Giovanni, clicking on the different image options does not update the SAVE button, it stays inactive. I am assuming it has something to do with the JS? I can’t figure it out, using identical data provided in example.

      1. annie
        annie Published |

        I’m also having the same problem, changing the default option does not update the save button. In addition to that, in my case, the radio buttons are showing beside the images.

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  10. Collins Agbonghama
    Collins Agbonghama Published |

    Same problem with everyone. Clicking on any image does not update the save button.

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