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  1. Chris Wallace
    Chris Wallace Published |

    Hey Justin,

    We’ve been hard at work creating a similar plugin for typography called Typecase. Would love to see this if we could somehow work together to build something of value.

    The way Typecase currently works is that you can use it with ANY theme out of the box. It works in a similar fashion to Typekit in that you select CSS selectors and then assign fonts to each grouping. You can search Google Web Fonts for any of their 600+ fonts.

    In addition, we just recently added support for specific themes. We added a way to define default font families to make available to each theme font control. This piece is similar to what you’ve created above but still allows users to add their own font families from the backend Typecase UI.

    We’ve been working on some ways to make the user experience feel a bit more seamless and add better font family filtering and search but we think it’s a good start thus far. Would love to have your help on the project: https://github.com/UpThemes/Typecase

    Good work!

  2. Adrian Diaconescu
    Adrian Diaconescu Published |

    This comes just in time as I was experimenting with a dedicated type panel for a theme I’m working on. But since I’m also planning to release a whole bunch of child themes for this theme, in the end I decided to scrape the whole thing and just handle the typography part in the child themes.

    I’m still having second thoughts about that decision, as I know a lot of users will not be comfortable with using a child theme, especially when it comes to enqueueing fonts and stuff.

    A plugin seem like just what the doctor ordered. I’m looking forward to seeing how it works with my theme!

  3. Ryan
    Ryan Published |

    Hi Justin,

    Is there anything that could be done in WordPress core to standardise this for theme authors?

    It seems as though Hybrid Core, Typecase by UpThemes, Make by the The Foundry, themes that use Redux etc, are all trying to solve the same problem – how to allow users to control typography in a theme.

    The same applies to other common theme features, like introducing a standardised method for adding a logo (that doesn’t rely a plugin like JetPack).

  4. Dasfundo
    Dasfundo Published |

    Hey Justin, thank you for your recent posts related to customizer.

    I was playing with the customizer recently too. I just found that the input_attrs feature added in wp 4.0 doesn’t work in standard controls like text, checkbox or radio.

    Checked wp-includes/class-wp-customize-control.php and found that the $this->input_attrs() method is not applied for the standard inputs mentioned above.

    I don’t know why but it will be useful if it also works for the standard inputs, especially when we try to add custom classes and build advanced controls wit jQuery.

    Can you please bug the developers 😉 and suggest this change?


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  7. Ryan Hellyer
    Ryan Hellyer Published |

    Thanks Justin. This should be a great tool for building off of. I’ve made a few similar chunks of code, but always had to hack it together at the last minute for a specific project. I don’t think I even thought of putting it together into a well organised example class like this for everyone. Excellent idea!

  8. Daniel
    Daniel Published |

    Ok – Hat off. Coding is not my best, but wow to you. Thanks for sharing this.


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