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  1. Caroline Rodehau
    Caroline Rodehau Published |

    Hi Justin,

    We are running Get the Image Plugin on our wordpress platform. And we need assistance updating the plugin. We need assistance and would appreciate your help.

  2. Klaas
    Klaas Published |

    I seriously wonder why anyone would want to add post formats to a cpt? Sounds like a taxonomy to me.

  3. Janet Cross
    Janet Cross Published |

    Fantastic, exactly what I need for my current project, thank you!

  4. Kleverson
    Kleverson Published |

    Thanks for the walkthrough, Justin.

    I created a custom post using CPT UI but had to filter some formats. Your solution worked perfectly.

  5. Dan
    Dan Published |

    This is the best, thank you so much! Everything in this article was exactly what I was looking for.

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