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  1. David
    David Published |

    This is brilliant!

    I will definitely apply this to all my themes.

    1. Basilakis
      Basilakis Published |

      And is it applied here?

    2. Mike
      Mike Published |

      Nice wrap up!

  2. Ben
    Ben Published |

    I like this idea – but I don’t use a custom callback for comments, so it’d be great if there was a way to use the standard WordPress comments code, and integrate it through a hook/ filter. Perhaps some sort of progressive enhancement with javascript instead?

  3. Ryan Hellyer
    Ryan Hellyer Published |

    I seem to be in the minority here in the comments, but I don’t like this. I do’t think there is sufficient differentiation to show which comments and nested and from where. I could see this making it harder to follow a heavily nested conversation.

  4. Dmitry Mayorov
    Dmitry Mayorov Published |

    Great idea! Will see if I can incorporate in one of my next themes as well.

  5. Mike Schinkel
    Mike Schinkel Published |

    Love this! I agree, I have always disliked too-deep nested comments but also disliked not having threading. This seems like a great balance. Nice job.

    And just thinking “aloud” based on Ryan’s criticism. What if for replies you added a 2px left border for every level of indention, up to maybe 10 levels? That would be only 20px max, but might provide some more indication of reply depth. #justathought #iamnotadesigner

  6. guindilla
    guindilla Published |

    Another solution would be to desincentivize the use of heavy nesting, which seems to be the root of all evils 🙂

    A solution could be to make high-level comments easier to read, for instance by using an increasingly pale font. Level 1 would be black letters, level 2 dark grey, level 3 mid grey, level 4 light barely-readeable grey…

    In reality, a thread is like a report. There is very rarely the need to indent more than 4 levels, and usually it’s best to keep at 2-3 max.

    Granted, the solution is not for everyone.

  7. kailoon
    kailoon Published |

    I actually like this idea, however, I do find it difficult to ‘notice’ which comment it is replying to. But, I think it’s just minor issue which can be fix with better UI.

  8. Nimesh
    Nimesh Published |

    When your blogs are engaging this is the best idea to deal with all the comments. Nice idea in need.

  9. Kewl
    Kewl Published |

    I’m not a tech geek when it comes to designing and developing a specific theme. any idea if i wanna implement this on my magento bases portal? i would pass it to my designer

  10. Jason Sebring
    Jason Sebring Published |

    I’m working on this right now in an app. I really like how Reddit has infinite thread depth and I think there is a balance to this.

    If you limit the main view to 1 or 2 depth, this will be a much easier experience to view in a restrained viewport that mobile is. Just making sure to show replies which the last depth just moves over to another view that you can easily go back to the main one.

    I’ll have to make this with React for the web as well eventually but the viewport can be much wider so it probably depends entirely on the viewport width as you apply this. It does make it more complicated but in the end, the user experience is paramount to people liking it.

  11. Web design Cheshire
    Web design Cheshire Published |

    Designing comments templates has always been a pet hate. Making nested comments not only look good but act responsively can be a chore. But it is worth it in the end when you run a blog with plenty of interaction.

  12. Danny
    Danny Published |


    Has anyone implemented whats discussed in the article for a facebook esque nested comments plugin? I’d love to know if I can get my hands on that in anyway.


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