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  1. David
    David Published |

    This is brilliant!

    I will definitely apply this to all my themes.

    1. Basilakis
      Basilakis Published |

      And is it applied here?

  2. Ben
    Ben Published |

    I like this idea – but I don’t use a custom callback for comments, so it’d be great if there was a way to use the standard WordPress comments code, and integrate it through a hook/ filter. Perhaps some sort of progressive enhancement with javascript instead?

  3. Ryan Hellyer
    Ryan Hellyer Published |

    I seem to be in the minority here in the comments, but I don’t like this. I do’t think there is sufficient differentiation to show which comments and nested and from where. I could see this making it harder to follow a heavily nested conversation.

  4. Dmitry Mayorov
    Dmitry Mayorov Published |

    Great idea! Will see if I can incorporate in one of my next themes as well.

  5. Mike Schinkel
    Mike Schinkel Published |

    Love this! I agree, I have always disliked too-deep nested comments but also disliked not having threading. This seems like a great balance. Nice job.

    And just thinking “aloud” based on Ryan’s criticism. What if for replies you added a 2px left border for every level of indention, up to maybe 10 levels? That would be only 20px max, but might provide some more indication of reply depth. #justathought #iamnotadesigner

  6. guindilla
    guindilla Published |

    Another solution would be to desincentivize the use of heavy nesting, which seems to be the root of all evils 🙂

    A solution could be to make high-level comments easier to read, for instance by using an increasingly pale font. Level 1 would be black letters, level 2 dark grey, level 3 mid grey, level 4 light barely-readeable grey…

    In reality, a thread is like a report. There is very rarely the need to indent more than 4 levels, and usually it’s best to keep at 2-3 max.

    Granted, the solution is not for everyone.

  7. kailoon
    kailoon Published |

    I actually like this idea, however, I do find it difficult to ‘notice’ which comment it is replying to. But, I think it’s just minor issue which can be fix with better UI.

  8. Nimesh
    Nimesh Published |

    When your blogs are engaging this is the best idea to deal with all the comments. Nice idea in need.

  9. Kewl
    Kewl Published |

    I’m not a tech geek when it comes to designing and developing a specific theme. any idea if i wanna implement this on my magento bases portal? i would pass it to my designer


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