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  1. Marcus Tibesar
    Marcus Tibesar Published |

    I really admire American farmers who feed us. They are my true heroes. Listen to Paul Harvey’s view of the hard working farmer: https://youtu.be/7UBj4Rbq3ZI

  2. Green W. Envy
    Green W. Envy Published |

    Lookin’ great, Mr. Green Thumb! Did you plant some catnip?

  3. ismail
    ismail Published |

    wonderfull justin take care big man

  4. Tim
    Tim Published |


    Dude,,… nice garden

  5. Tung
    Tung Published |

    This makes me smile. So many cats though, those birds must be stressing out. Haha!

  6. Steven Gliebe
    Steven Gliebe Published |

    Just want to say I enjoyed your pictures. You come to mind every once in a while when I’m digging into some WordPress code, then I start wondering if you’ve posted any updates on your garden! Always nice to see. 🙂

    How many potatoes did those rows produce? It looks huge to me.

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