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  1. Mark
    Mark Published |

    I too want to read more. Or just read in general. I’m not good at just sitting down with a book. So I usually read before I sleep. Unfortunately I’m dead tired at that point.

    On the other hand I like to use and their to-read list. Here is mine:


    It helps me to keep on the track. And I always know which book to read next.

    I do most of my reading when I commute, but I live nearby my job, so I don’t communte a lot.

    Which means I have to actively make time to read. Which means reading have to compete with computertime, watching movies, writing, walking the dog, sleeping, cooking, my girlfriend etc.

    Right now reading is losing in that equation, but I’m trying to adjust that.

    So right now I only read a book every second month. Which could be a lot better.

    I highly recommend the Kindle. It’s not that expensive. I love mine. A joy to read on. Nice and handy. It has the perfect size. You can read in sunlight or in the dark. And then there is the joy of filling it with books you want to read.

    I’m not so fond of audio books. I have heard a few, but it’s a little too passive for my taste. But I can see the convenience if you use them while running or working out or in your car.

    In short, I try to read a little every day and my (realistic) goal right now is to read one book a month.

  2. Sin
    Sin Published |

    Good luck Justin with your goals, and happy New Year! šŸ™‚

    I’m also planning to buy a Kindle, right now I’m reading on tablet and it’s killing my eyes.

  3. Vashishtha Kapoor
    Vashishtha Kapoor Published |

    Wow That is great. I love the idea of donating the old books. It is helpful for others to be able to read more and more while you get time to look for new books and read them.


  4. Addy Brown
    Addy Brown Published |

    Recently I have read WARLIGHT By MICHAEL ONDAATJI.Set in foggy and drizzly London, Warlight explores the young lives of Nathaniel and his older sister Rachel, whose parents have all but evaporated in Singapore.

  5. Samantha Reed
    Samantha Reed Published |

    How many books you have read so far this year? hope you reach the target. And it is really nice idea about donating the books.

  6. Willie Ryan
    Willie Ryan Published |

    This is really great!

  7. penerjemah
    penerjemah Published |

    much thanks for this article

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