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  1. Emil Uzelac
    Emil Uzelac Published |

    We all need this once in a while bud, and that is okay, we’re humans 🙂

    Congratulations on 10 years and for the most prosperous month!

  2. Bryan Hoffman
    Bryan Hoffman Published |

    My cats spend the majority of their day outdoors as well. I sypmathize with you both.

    Hope Panther is back at it soon.

  3. Budidaya
    Budidaya Published |

    It’s okay, Justin. Take your time.

    Anyway, congrats on your 10 year journey on Theme Hybrid!

  4. Sam
    Sam Published |

    Hey Justin, we all need to vent sometimes and just feel the pain. I find that if I just accept those tough days in my life and go with it rather then “suck it up”, then I usually bounce back pretty quickly.

    Glad we could provide a therapist ear for you : )

  5. Marty Rogers
    Marty Rogers Published |

    Hope things are a little smoother now, Justin, it’s funny – many times in life everything runs perfectly smoothly, and when things happen they seem to come in multiples, don’t you think? Funny old thing, this life game. Happy days!


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