Justin Tadlock

Code Review

I’ve reviewed 100s of WordPress plugins and themes over the years and helped numerous developers create better products as a result.

My focus is on making sure that your project is coded to standards and follows best practices when it comes to security. However, I also look at the user experience and offer advice on improvements where necessary. Here’s what you’ll get with my service:

  • Full code audit.
  • Issues posted on your GitHub/Bitbucket/GitLab repo’s issue tracker.
  • Q&A period after the review if you need help understanding any issue.

If you’re interested in such a review, shoot me an email at justintadlock@gmail.com. Serious inquiries only. Minimum review price begins at $250 and depends on the size of the project. I’m also available to do design-only reviews as well.


I’ve been working with WordPress since 2005 (and general Web design since 2003). In 2008, I launched Theme Hybrid, one of the oldest and longest-running theme/plugin clubs in existence.

I was a team lead/admin for the official WordPress theme review team for several years and still volunteer as a moderator. I also professionally review theme/plugin code at ThemeReview.co.

Some other interesting tid-bits: