Justin Tadlock

At this point, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised how much hostility and disinformation can be spread by one or two people in the WordPress community. I’ve seen too much of it over the years to expect anything different. It probably shouldn’t surprise me that some people continue to give them an open platform to construct lies and twist truths. I expected better. I expect better.

Customizer: How to save image (media) data

A couple of weeks ago, the WordPress.org Theme Review Team (TRT) announced that we’d be requiring theme options to go through the customizer rather than custom settings screens. I wrote the post explaining the details of our settings…

A new chapter in my life

Updated: Yes, this was an April Fool’s prank! It has to be at least slightly believable to fool you, right? Also, I wanted to make sure Jeff at WP Tavern had a really hard time figuring out what was…

I posted a new tutorial on ThemeReview.co today on when and how to prefix code in WordPress themes. It’s also relevant to plugin development.

Now offering professional theme reviews

A couple of months ago, Emil Uzelac launched a theme review service. After finding out that I had talked about doing this a few years ago, he asked me to join. I pretty much immediately accepted his offer. It was…

Have you ever heard of that “JSON REST API” thing folks in the WordPress community seem to be talking about, looked around endlessly for a decent explanation, and finally gave up, muttering “WTF?!?” at the computer screen? Fear no more. Brian Krogsgard has you covered with the only explanation that, you know, actually makes some kind of sense in that sort of human logic that we tend to like when someone explains something to us.

Forum Preview #4: Featured Images

I just added featured image support to forums in the new forum plugin I’m building. Loads of other improvements have worked their way in, but it’s nice to be able to spruce the page up a bit with…

I’ll be doing a live AMA (Ask Me Anything) on WPChat later today at 7 p.m. EST (UTC -05:00). That’s when the main event happens. However, it will be kept open for another 24-36 hours for people from different time zones. You can read more about it on the WPChat Thread.

Forum Preview #3: User Directory

The above is a quick screenshot of the user directory for the forum plugin I’m building. Each column item is clickable so that you can drill down even more.