Justin Tadlock

WordCamp Birmingham 2012

I’ll be attending WordCamp Birmingham this upcoming weekend (Jan. 14–15, 2012). I’d love to meet some of you fine folks from the WordPress community, so I hope y’all are coming! So, if you want to get together for…

Pre-order WPCandy Quarterly #1

If you’re a WordPress enthusiast, I highly recommend pre-ordering issue #1 of the WPCandy Quarterly, a print magazine for us WordPress folks. There will be quite a few interesting articles. Plus, I’m one of the authors in the first…

WordPress 3.3: Sonny

All the awesomeness that is WordPress 3.3 is finally here. Go ahead a grab a copy of the new version and have fun! I’m just thankful that we’ve got plenty of time to play around with it before Christmas.