Justin Tadlock

It’s sad that I have more friends on Twitter who can craft a complete sentence in fewer than 140 characters than on Facebook. My Facebook news feed is filled with trivial updates from people who don’t understand how to use a period properly, can’t figure out what to do with an uppercase letter, and often lack the ability to form a complete thought. The Elements of Style (yes, that’s a book) is your friend.

Several developers and community members predict what the future holds for WordPress themes in 2011. You can find my predictions mixed in with the bunch.

2011 Goals

My personal and some professional goals I have set for 2011 and how I fared in my 2010 goals.

Business as Usual

Look out there. Millions and millions of stars. Millions upon millions of worlds. And right now, half of them are fanatically dedicated to destroying the other half. Now, do you think, if one of those twinkling little lights suddenly went…