The Beginning of a Dawn

Chapter 1

“Ugghhh……” Dawn walks out of the room in disgust.

Buffy’s arms cross and her chin tightens her face. By the looks of it, she is
totally annoyed.

“You shouldn’t be so hard on her, Buffy.” The red-head,Willow, harks in, trying to keep the situation under control.

“I just can’t believe her. She is outta control.” Buffy turns and walks her own way up the stairs of her home not even thinking about Dawn. Well, not worried, but definitely thinking hard about all the ways she wishes she could punish her pesky little sis.’

Dawn had already made it up to her room and packed her bookbag with a few items. More precise, she filled it with her diary, enough clothes to last…Well…like day. Light packer for a girl. Of course, she got the essentials, also. A vile of Holy Water, a couple of stakes, and a cross. More weapons than clothes. To the typical person it might seem she was in some sort of Holy Gang of some sort, out to reak vengeance on the evil of the world. Not in Sunnydale, California, though. That’s the way you had to pack.

Dawn threw on her khaki sweater over her t-shirt, and was ready to head out. She could hear Buffy and Willow behind her locked bedroom door arguing over
this little mishap. She figured she couldn’t make it out the front door, but she peeked out into the hallway just to check. Hmmm…Buffy’s door closed. So Dawn stepped on out into the hall and made her way downstairs and out the front door.


She was going to be free from this Hell Hole she’d been living in she told herself. Everything’s always about Buffy. Well, I’ll show her!

Suprisingly, she made it safely over to Spike’s sorry excuse for a home and
barged in.

“Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Who the Hell do you think you are just comin’ in all
uninvit….Oh….Sorry…Love.” Spike toned down a little, to not envoke any more salt on the wet face of the girl he was facing.

Dawn wiped her face abruptly trying to hide the tears she’d worn the whole way

“What’s wrong?”

“Why does everything always have to be Buffy’s way?”

“Oh…The Slayer…” Spike smirked, and shook his head slowly, not knowing what to think. “Well, Love…”

“Spike. I want you to do something for me?”

Growing happy, Spike quickly responded, “Sure. Wanna go steal something? Kill some demons? I’m up for anything.”

“No, I want you to turn me into a Vampire.”

“Now that’s a serious thing you’re talkin’ about doin’ there.”

“Spike. I am serious. I’ve thought this thing over a thousand times, and noone can change my mind. And I want you to change me tonight.”

“Well…Love…I would, but I have this sodding chip stuck in my head. And I think if I actually drunk that much from you my bloody head would explode.”

“Com’on. Spike. You know it would only hurt for a little while. And then we

“I’ll tell you what…If you can help me find someone to get this bloody thing outta my head then I’ll help you out.”

Dawn walked over to the sacarphagus and sat down. Of course, Spike followed,
being the more generous vampire these days. He put his arm around her while
she tried to clean more tears away.

“It’s gonna be okay, Love”

Dawn looked up at Spike, holding heavily on his eyes.

“You okay, Lo….” She touched her lips to his, but backing away gently, scared at what the vampire might think. Then Spike grabbed her fiercely, locking his arms around her back. Then he thought about what he was doing. So he slowed down to a gentler pace. He couldn’t be all wild and erratic with someone so precious. He could feel her heart pumping fast…faster. The smell of fear on her started to roll away, only to be replaced with comfort, joy, then more fear.

They pulled away abruptly……The door was kicked open.

“What are you doing here!” Buffy, angered more than she was when Dawn had left the

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