The Beginning of a Dawn

Chapter 2

“Ummm….” Dawn, was still trying to catch her breath from the momentary heat of Spike’s returned kiss, and the abruptness of Buffy’s enter.

“Um. Nothing. You know you shouldn’t be here. Especially without permission.”

“Why do I need per……”

“Go wait outside,” for the second time that night Dawn ran out because of Buffy. “Spike!”

“Big Sis’ come to save Lil’ Sis’ from the Big Bad.”

“What was she doing here?”

“Just havin’ a lil’ chat. Nothin’ to worry over. Plus she’s old enough….” Buffy placed a swift blow to Spike’s nose. “Bloody Hell! What’d you do that for.”

“Cause I just felt like it.”

Spike rubbed his nose gently as to not promote any more pain as he watched Buffy walk out. That Slayer….. Oooooh…. Nice Ass…. “Well…..Actually, I appreciate the punch in the nose. Thanks for the fresh blood, seein’ as how I can’t get any these days.” Spike licked his lips as his own blood trickled from his nostrils.


“Hello, Sunnydale…” Cordelia frowned while she took a seat with Buffy, Angel, Willow, and Xander at the Bronze.

“Do you always have to be such a, umm…. let me think, Loser…” Buffy chimed in.

Angel frustrated already with the situation, “So what’s going on? You did call us to come all the way down from a L.A.”

“I’m not sure yet. Giles just said that we would need your help on this one. He’s still researching.”

“So you brought us to the Bronze?” Cordelia shakes her head and smirks knowing she’d won this battle of words with just that comment alone.

“For your information, I thought we’d have a little fun and catch up while we wait. But I see you haven’t changed a bit.”


Angel, more frustrated, “Where’s Dawn?”

“Oh, I had to go fetch Spike to watch her for a while.”

Cordelia’s grin really grew at that moment. “So you left her with a brutal killer. But hey, what’s a big sister who’s a vampire slayer for?”

“So…Angel…Which one should I tie up and gag?” Xander had to throw in his line somewhere in the midst of all this. “Buffy, Cordelia, or both?”

“Okay. Let’s just make nice and listen to the band.” Of course, Willow is always willing to give her sound advice. “You left her with Spike!”

“It’s okay. He can’t hurt a soul. And if anything happened to her, he knows I’d stake him.”

“Well…I-I guess that’d be okay.”

Angel, really just wanting to get to the bottom of the situation, “Do you know anything about what we’re up against?”

“I don’t know. Some demony thing. Just a little bigger than usual.”

“Well that’s not saying much.”

“We have Giles and Wesley working on it. They’ll figure out something. And plus, I didn’t even ask you to come. Giles did.”

Cordelia hops up from the table. “Well then, I guess we’ll just have to leave this crappy town then won’t we?”

“Cordelia. We’re not going anywhere. If Giles thinks that we’re needed, then it’s going to be something big.” Angel having to put some reason into Cordelia.

“I don’t know how Angel even puts up with you.”

“Hey! I’m vision girl here!”


“So Love…What do you say we do tonight?”

Dawn looks up at Spike. “Well we could start where we left off the last time we were together.”

“Hmmm…Sounds dangerous don’ you think? I mean, Buffy could show up any minute.”

“Don’t you like danger? They do call you the Big Bad don’t they?”

“I’m hardly a lil’ bad with this bloody chip pet.”

“Well…I have a solution to that.”

“You don’ say?”

“But you have to get it out of me first.”

“Like this…” Spike tickles the little girl furiously.

“Okay. Okay. I’ll tell you if you stop…”

“You remember that vision that Cordelia had when she first got here?”


“The man in trouble actually turned out to be the bad man who causes the trouble. Who, by the way, is a doctor that specializes in…Well…Demons…Vampires…things like that….”

“Yeah. That’d be great. But seein’ how he’s dead, I don’ see what that has to do with us?”

“Well, he had an address book with all sorts of names. A few of them who just so happened to be demon doctors just like himself.”

“That’s my sweet pet that I adore.”

Spike tightly embraced dawn in his pale arms…..