Dear Journal

    Sometimes I ask myself why,
I come to you at night.
    To tell you my hopes and dreams,
The things that happen and how they seem.
    My life sometimes may become a blur,
The emotions inside begin to stir.
    At times I write to you for hours on end,
When I need to let my heart unbend.
    The time when I was last heartbroken,
Sadness spread throughout; Unheard; Unspoken.
    Like lilies afloat a lake on a summer mornin’,
You give me joy again and again.
    At the end of the day,
I must set you in your place.
    Then go off once more to dream my dreams,
To fill my future with things unseen.
    Till I write tomorrow,
Please remember, you hold all my joy; pain; and sorrow.

5 Responses

  1. Korinne
    Korinne Published |

    Hi! I read your poem, and I liked it. πŸ™‚ I’m a lit writer too, and a journalist. I was hopin you can help me out with some things. On doing some writings (most especially with poetry and fictions).

    PS. you may not get this but Im really hopin for a reply or whatsoever:)

  2. steakalive
    steakalive Published |

    You made ​​me shudder with your poem!
    Nice work!

  3. Bradley Howington
    Bradley Howington Published |

    Justin, this is a wonderful poem! Very powerful.


  4. Abhay Singh
    Abhay Singh Published |

    Nice one man..

    Though poems are not my thing but I love reading em’.

    I’m just a blogger and hopes to find my career in writing.

  5. maretta
    maretta Published |

    nice poem

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