When I left home, he told me to never come back. I guess I shouldn’t blame him. I was always out late, partying with friends, skipping school, ignoring most of the things he told me to do. I got a job at the Grille on Hadley Street over in Norton in the summer of 1997. […]

Somebody, Someday

Athens, Alabama. I just stopped to get some coffee and go to the bathroom. I check my watch before pulling back on I-65 North. It’s 2:03 in the morning. Jimmy wrote to Santa the other day and asked for more things than I can afford. At the top of his list was a Ninja Turtles […]

The Wind Is Blowing

The leaves ruffled beneath the morning bright sky. You could hear a whistle through the cool air. In the distance I heard a quite scream. I started walking toward the sound, which was continually growing louder. It now seemed only a feet away. I looked around trying to find the source of the loud noise. […]


Note: Keep in mind that this is a story from my youth. Yes, it is supposed to lack any kind of earth logic. This is from the mind of a child. Read on, if you dare. It was a hot day in the summer there were picnics everywhere the swimming pool was crowded with people […]

The Beginning of a Dawn

Note: This fanfiction will not be finished. So, don’t get too interested and hope that I write more.

Spoilers: Season 5, Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Characters: Dawn, Spike

Mary Beth

Taylor Caldin and Jordan Hill sat in a booth at Sammy’s next to the front window, sucking the last of their shakes. It was 11:30, half an hour before closing, and Taylor’s mother, Jean, who worked there, was wiping the counter clean. Taylor was an only child. His father hadn’t lived with them or even […]


Bay-Bay Frazier is 400 pounds or more. He still manages to get from the living room to the kitchen or to the bathroom or out to his truck, but only with a shortness of breath. This summer he was rushed to the hospital. He found out that his heart could hardly keep up with his […]

Creek Hill

Prologue A somewhat tall, but not overly, man sat next to a hospital bed. His elbows were propped on his knees with his hands extended to his lowered temples. There was a glowing red tint to his forehead, yet most of his face bore a pasty white complexion. He peeked up just under his left […]

How Much More Can We Take

I got my first computer seven months ago. I was then ignorant to the world of free music I was living in. My roommate downloaded the Imesh software for me. This bit of software, which took up little space on my hard drive and maybe a half hour to download, has been part of the […]