Dear Journal

    Sometimes I ask myself why, I come to you at night.     To tell you my hopes and dreams, The things that happen and how they seem.     My life sometimes may become a blur, The emotions inside begin to stir.     At times I write to you for hours on end, When I […]

I Wanna Be An October Cold Front

I wanna whisper misery In children’s inner lobes, I wanna make fire crackle and smoke Fly out the roof, boil hot cocoa on the stove I wanna brown leaves Leaving stains, after it rains, on the patio, I wanna harden snot bubbles in nostrils, Redden eyes and clog throats. Written: October 23, 2005 Revised: October […]

October 2, 2005

I work, I play I sleep, But I can’t stay I study, I pray Sometimes But don’t get my way This was something I never really finished, and I don’t plan to. I just figured I needed to make a copy of the scrap paper that I was writing it on.


Keepin it real Since da first day I knew u were the raw deal I’d been livin life jus’ tryin 2 chill Til I wolke up n saw I wuz still Let n nother’ day go by Without sumone 2 hold at night 2 open doors 4 n treat her right Or sumone 2 kiss […]