Fading Away

“Speak up where I can hear you damnit.” Eugene slammed his tan tote bag on the floor. “You’re supposed to be in bed Eugene,” I try to be commanding, but gentle. “I got to go on my route.” His bushy brows squeezed over the hazel plastic frames of his glasses. “Somebody’s on your route tonight […]

The Wind Is Blowing

The leaves ruffled beneath the morning bright sky. You could hear a whistle through the cool air. In the distance I heard a quite scream. I started walking toward the sound, which was continually growing louder. It now seemed only a feet away. I looked around trying to find the source of the loud noise. […]


Note: Keep in mind that this is a story from my youth. Yes, it is supposed to lack any kind of earth logic. This is from the mind of a child. Read on, if you dare. It was a hot day in the summer there were picnics everywhere the swimming pool was crowded with people […]

Dear Journal

    Sometimes I ask myself why, I come to you at night.     To tell you my hopes and dreams, The things that happen and how they seem.     My life sometimes may become a blur, The emotions inside begin to stir.     At times I write to you for hours on end, When I […]

Trapped In His Life

Life begins. Spring, the birth of all things. I hear music. An old tattered piano. Off-key. But tunes of old, with added side melodies not typically heard anywhere else in the world. I step across the newly tiled floors in the refurbished kitchen of my old home. Louder. I stand and listen, almost peeping around […]

The Beginning of a Dawn

Note: This fanfiction will not be finished. So, don’t get too interested and hope that I write more.

Spoilers: Season 5, Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Characters: Dawn, Spike

The Real Buffy?

Recently, I had a chance to read the most intriguing article posted in a forum. But let me start from the beginning to explain how I came upon this piece of work. For a while I’d been thinking about purchasing “Buffy The Vampire Slayer (movie 1992).” It was on my mind seeing as how I […]

Taking My Language With Me

I grew up in the Deep South in a small town called Highland Home, Alabama. I’ve lived on dirt roads at times in my life. I know how to use the words “ain’t,” “y’all,” and “yonder” correctly, and I still use them today. In addition, I’m an English major. The first time I experienced a […]

Shoulder Strap Style

There are people who push the boundaries of the norm. They belong to a group that wears their book bags with one shoulder strap. I prefer to call them single-strappers. However, most people blindly follow the conventions set before them by their peers by wearing their book bags across both shoulders. They are the double-strappers. […]

Mary Beth

Taylor Caldin and Jordan Hill sat in a booth at Sammy’s next to the front window, sucking the last of their shakes. It was 11:30, half an hour before closing, and Taylor’s mother, Jean, who worked there, was wiping the counter clean. Taylor was an only child. His father hadn’t lived with them or even […]