Brothers, Sisters, and Lost Innocence

Introduction Growing up in southern Alabama I was always the outdoor type because even in the 1980s and 1990s a young boy couldn’t do much other than run around outside barefooted and climb trees. I was the archetypal Southern boy. I took my first job in the fields at the age of 14 hauling watermelons. […]

The Decline of Cultural Literacy and the Educational System’s Responsibility

In E.D. Hirsch’s essay, Literacy and Cultural Literacy, he proclaims that America’s cultural literacy has declined, and that cultural literacy is the most important element in a functioning democratic society. His most important claim is that the members of this society must have shared background information in order to communicate with one another. Communication is […]

A New Hardwood Floor

I grabbed one side of the blanket as Garrett, my friend who decided to visit for the weekend, grabbed the other. Our plan was simple, pick up the blanket that was a holding place for three one-gallon cans of paint, paintbrushes, light bulb covers, and several random screws. I just wanted to remove the obstruction […]

The Antithesis of Fate: Self-determination in White Teeth

In her novel, White Teeth, Zadie Smith argues against fate and the appearance of randomness that the concept of predestination brings along with it. Her counter-argument is the idea of self-determination and its consequences. Interweaving the ideas together one can see that she ultimately shows that fate has nothing to do with what transpires in […]

I Wanna Be An October Cold Front

I wanna whisper misery In children’s inner lobes, I wanna make fire crackle and smoke Fly out the roof, boil hot cocoa on the stove I wanna brown leaves Leaving stains, after it rains, on the patio, I wanna harden snot bubbles in nostrils, Redden eyes and clog throats. Written: October 23, 2005 Revised: October […]

October 2, 2005

I work, I play I sleep, But I can’t stay I study, I pray Sometimes But don’t get my way This was something I never really finished, and I don’t plan to. I just figured I needed to make a copy of the scrap paper that I was writing it on.

The Integration of Social Classes to an Age of Freedom

Using two quintessential modern characters of the Victorian Era, John Fowles seeks to challenge the social conventions of the past in his novel, The French Lieutenant’s Woman. In the 1960s, a time when sex marks the dawn of a new era, Fowles felt the need to throw the sexual revolution into the modern time period. […]

Gothic Fiction and Its Revelations

In Matthew Gregory Lewis’s The Monk and Anne Radcliffe’s The Italian, each writer seeks to shock the audience by revealing a mystifying secret unknown to the main characters. Radcliffe and Lewis unleash familial secrets in order to put their readers into a state of astonishment. This element of surprise is essential to Gothic fiction, in […]

Preparation for Observing the Literacy Habits of Alabama Toddlers

I was asked a few days ago what kind of reading I do outside of class, other than my school work and the book I was currently discussing. I had no idea how to answer that question. Maybe I was caught a little off guard, but I seriously hadn’t given it much thought; which I […]

Tortured Artist

I’m a tortured artist without vitality. Color has lost its hue, it’s only darkness. I’m a fallen angel without a paradise. Eden has lost its innocence and beauty. I exist only through blank pages of an empty void consumed only by meaningless matter. Written: June 20, 2005