Familial Obligations

Metamorphosis, by Franz Kafka, is a story of change, or the movement of one phase of life to the next. There is a complete turn of Gregor’s character physically and mentally throughout the story. The most striking themes portrayed are the unpleasantness of work, the skewed view of life, and the collapse of Gregor as […]

Chicago Left Me Inadequate and Dirty

Velma deceitfully slides up to Roxie, trying to convince her to team up as an act. She bursts out into a jazzy exhibition with every bit of natural entertaining ability she possesses. Roxie, showing her true colors since she is now in the limelight, fends off Velma as swiftly as she had come. Now the […]

How Much More Can We Take

I got my first computer seven months ago. I was then ignorant to the world of free music I was living in. My roommate downloaded the Imesh software for me. This bit of software, which took up little space on my hard drive and maybe a half hour to download, has been part of the […]


Keepin it real Since da first day I knew u were the raw deal I’d been livin life jus’ tryin 2 chill Til I wolke up n saw I wuz still Let n nother’ day go by Without sumone 2 hold at night 2 open doors 4 n treat her right Or sumone 2 kiss […]