Chicago, Santanna's Birthday, & Nimmonionion

Oh gosh! I have another stupid Psychology test tomorrow. And I have to turn in an English Comp. II paper. Which it was actually pretty fun writing, since it was a movie review of Chicago. So no complaints here. At least it wasn’t one of those stupid “Plagiarism” papers we’ve been writing all semester. Anyways, Santanna, if you happen to read this, I’m sorry. I forgot to wish you happy birthday on here Tuesday. So I’m telling you now. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Man…It’s getting late. I’ve got a test in like 8 hours, and I haven’t even went to sleep yet. Which I prolly won’t for a few more hours. HaHa! I don’t sleep enough at night anyways.

In other news, I added a new drawing contest today. So go check that out. Especially if you can draw just a lil’ bit.
Wow! I’m addicted to NeoPets too! I have a lil’ Nimmo and his name is Nimmonionion and he has a PetPet named Lil Nimmonio. Cool names huh?? Anyways……I guess I’m about to go do something productive. Like study a lil’ bit. ~/grnshdy