Wall Of Shame & Website Choice Awards

Well I’m beginning to think that I’m doing my blog too late at night now….nawwww…I just stay up too late. Yep, I’ll be sitting here thinking up new stuff for the next few hours, until I finally go to bed. I think I done pretty good on my Psychology test today. But I won’t bore anybody with talk of school today. I’ll just have to talk a lil’ about the site. I added a new page on the wall of shame today. It’s the link to the cold death hole. It is put up for another person’s bad g-book entries. I really don’t like haters too much. But they give me something to do. Like make up cool webpages for them. So I do want your hate g-book entries. Just send em’ here. Yeah, just click on the word ‘here’ and send all your hate to me. I just love responding to those things. Anyways, the website choice awards are coming along great. It’s kind of been a pain at points, but it’s something to do. And I like people to be rewarded for hard work on their sites. Well………I guess I’m gone shutup now and go play with my neopet. ~greenshady