Monday, April 21, 2oo3

Well here it is! It’s after six o’clock in the morning and I’m still up writing my Hospitality Management paper, which I neglected to do this weekend. And I’ve had all the time in the world to do it. And I’m not actually writing it now, of course. I’m just on a lil’ break. I blame this all on Sara. Yes, you Sara! I could’ve been writing this paper Saturday night instead of chatting with you until four in the mornin! I’m angry now! Of course you know I’m just messin around. But you oughta go look and see what I did for your birthday on the calendar. Tell me what you think. Anyways, I’m kind of bored right now. I didn’t get a chance to feed my neopet today or do anything with it. I hope those things don’t die. That could be bad. I’ve only got a week and a half left of classes. Yay!!! Then I’ll be out for the summer. Well I have two finals that next week. But then I’m definitely free. Then I’ll have to get a job, so I won’t actually be all that free. :( But I’m going to have a lot of fun though. My roomate Timmy is officially back. He’s been back for a few days. But we’re throwing a big party for him here at our apartment this weekend. Skip Dawg you better be up here, or I’ll strangle you! I’ll go off on you freestyling like I did this weekend again!

“Cuz you know you can’t hang with me in this game /
you stand up then I’ll put you to shame /
busting rhymes ain’t a thang to me /
I’m like a lyrical river I flow contstantly /
just ask them H-Town boys bout’ that devil in me /
I’ll fire ya’ up then throw ya’ back in the heat /
and if this weekend you don’t come to party /
I’m gone make your ass feel sorry /
I’ma take your girl then play her like atari /
I’ma fill her in on some real sex education /
let her know who’s the head of this playa nation /
n she needs to quit wearin that ring from a box of cracka jacks /
i’ma bout to tell her that’s whack /
we gettin off the subject, now let’s get back /
tell your mama that it was nice feelin on her rack /
and your dad see how he likes that crushed advil I sold him that he’s snortin like crack/
don’t cry cuz I’m kickin u around like hacky sack/
why don’t I turn around n u take a whack /
n knock me out from the back/
when I wake up from my nap /
maybe u can come up with a rap/
oh, that didn’t hit u hard, cuz u wuz like, oh snap/
maybe I need to hand u a map/
cuz u lost n it’s obvious /
that dope must’ve got u delirious,/
my rhymes done made u furious/
they so hard they got u like George, “I’m curious”/
I ain’t playin, this shit serious/
my words like aids growin, they ain’t no cure for us/
aiight aiight, I’m about to to stop playin /
right then I was giving you my good graces /
but if I had a tissue /
I’d give it to you /
so you can dry your face in”

See, I told you I was bored. Well anyways man, just get up the hoes and everything. Bring em’ up here to tigger town. Tell em’ we gone throw down. And we gone party like some clowns. Oh gosh! I’m still writing in rhymes. I need to stop fore’ I finish up my hospitality paper with these dope beats I’ve been coming up with. Ha Ha! Well crackhead beats I guess. And no, to the people who don’t know me I wasn’t applying that I was a crackhead. I was just saying it was stupid, ya know like ‘crackheads’ are stupid. Yeah! An anti-drug speech on my site! I knew I was growing in content. Yep, anyways, I think I need to get back to my paper…………. ~greenshady