Tuesday, April 22, 2oo3

Yeah! I finally got this new layout done. It took me freakin forever to figure out how to get it right, simply because I misspelled something in the “css” link. But I’m relieved that I’m finally through with it. I just love it though. I’m on a phase where I have to change the layout every week now. So it might be different a week from today. Gosh I got my first final exam for this semester at 10:00 in the morning. Wait…..that’s like in 7 hours. It’s an easy class though. Auburn Experience Oh well, I should have an A in there. Yippee Kay Yay! That’s the best line I got right now. I’ve been saying fck em’* waaaaay too much lately. It’s all Amy’s, my sister’s, fault. She started that the Friday before last. Now it’s stuck in my head. Well whatever…….Sara, I’m glad to see that you like your pic and all that. Gosh, I need to get some sleep before I have to go take this test. I’ll get back with all my avid readers once again tomorrow. But until then, keep it real. ~greenshady